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  • Tall Gold Centerpiece

    Ashlyn Tall Gold Centerpiece

  • Eucalyptus Chic Centerpiece


    Elevate your table game with our Eucalyptus Chic Centerpiece. Bringing the soothing beauty of eucalyptus leaves to your event, it sets a tranquil and contemporary atmosphere. Whether it’s a wedding, a modern dinner party, or any stylish gathering, this centerpiece is here to make a statement. Fresh, green, and effortlessly chic – it’s the centerpiece of your dreams.

  • Martini Mask Centrepiece


    Martini vase with feathers (approx 3), faux beads & pearls, mask + some loose boa feathers at base, placed on a mirror or gold plate

    Introducing the Martini Mask Centrepiece, a captivating addition to your event decor. This unique centrepiece combines the allure of a martini glass with an elegant mask design, making it perfect for masquerade balls, themed parties, or any stylish gathering. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it adds a touch of mystery and sophistication to your tabletop. Elevate your ambiance and make a statement with the Martini Mask Centrepiece, capturing the essence of intrigue and glamour.