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  • Geometric Floral Centerpiece GoldGeometric Floral Centerpiece Gold

    Andy Geometric Gold Centrepiece


    Whether you are looking for a novel approach to flower decorating or searching for a way to make limited flowers look chic, this geometric centrepiece offers the perfect solution. Simply use it to frame a low-lying floral arrangement, and add some fairy lights or votive candles on the side. Voila, you get a charming and interesting centrepiece. Check out our different offerings with the Andy Geometric Centrepiece.

    Product size: 10” x 10”

  • Vintage String Lights

    Jasmine Vintage String Lights (Edison)


    The Jasmine Vintage String Lights gives a nostalgic and whimsical feel to any event, especially when hung across the venue. Its bulbs do not make use of colored glass and emit soft, natural lighting. They work well for indoor and outdoor affairs. Specs: Clear bulbs / Black cord / Lights are 12″ apart / 120″ strand (10ft) / 6″ end connector / 10 count / Indoor/outdoor lights

  • Starry String Lights For RentGeometric Floral Centerpiece Gold

    Jenny Starry String Lights



    • You will receive this item tangled
    • If you’re using it for a backdrop, you would need to untangle them.
    • If you’re using for centrepiece, just untangle a bit. No need to fully tangle.
    • Battery powered – battery included in the rental package.

    Create a whimsical and romantic look with our Jenny Starry String Lights! They are quite versatile and can be used to wrap your tables, chairs, and other equipment. You can also just hang them from the ceiling or mix them in with your fabric backdrops for that nice play of lights.

    Length: Approx 20-33′.

  • Martini Mask Centrepiece


    Martini vase with feathers (approx 3), faux beads & pearls, mask + some loose boa feathers at base, placed on a mirror or gold plate

    Introducing the Martini Mask Centrepiece, a captivating addition to your event decor. This unique centrepiece combines the allure of a martini glass with an elegant mask design, making it perfect for masquerade balls, themed parties, or any stylish gathering. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it adds a touch of mystery and sophistication to your tabletop. Elevate your ambiance and make a statement with the Martini Mask Centrepiece, capturing the essence of intrigue and glamour.