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  • Andre Harlow Stand (Gold / Black / White / Rose Gold)


    Need a stand for potted plants, floral runners, or round bouquets? The Andre Harlow Stand is what you need!

    Sturdy and stable, it offers good support for a range of floral arrangements, from aisle decors to table centrepieces. And available in two sizes, it lets you play around with space and height.

    It comes in three colour options to match the colour palette of your event. Great for traditional to modern-themed celebrations!

    Product sizes: 8” x 29.5”, 8” x 45”
    Opening at the top part: 5″
    Size of the plates we usually use: 6″
    Colours: rose gold, white, black, gold

  • Acrylic Column Acrylic PedestalAcrylic pedestal floral wedding

    Jack Acrylic Clear Column Stand Pedestal


    We have the following sizes (of columns/pedestals/plinths): 10″ x 10″ x 6″ | 10″ x 10″ x 10″ | 10″ x 10″ x 23-24″ | 12″ x 12″ x 30″

  • Biltmore Harlow Stand

    Kara Floating Wild Arrangement


    The perfect centrepiece does exist!

    This Kara Floating Wild Arrangement is classic, elegant and matches perfectly with any wedding theme that your heart desires.

    Its beautiful arrangement including a variety of white flowers sitting upon a bed of elegant greenery allows for a show stopping, bold centrepiece.

    Sit these arrangements upon a high centrepiece stand to create a wonderful tall and airy guest table.

    The photos shown contains 2 centrepieces using Biltmore Gold Stand + Artificial Flowers. The pricing is based on 1 centrepiece. Dimension of the stand is 19.75″X 5.5″X 31.5″.

  • Qay Gold Display Easel Floor Stand


    Size vary a bit. Height is 62-66″, depth is 2.5″-3″ and extends up to 32″ horizontally.  What better way to present your welcome message than by having it propped up on a lovely easel! Our Qay Display Easel Floor Stand is made of metal and features a minimalist vintage design. It can easily hold large pieces such as photo frames, menu boards, signs, and seating charts. Some of our Gold easels have White distressed spots on them.

  • Quen White Display Floor Easel


    Size vary a bit. Height is 62-66″, depth is 2.5″-3″ and extends up to 32″ horizontally. Placing your menu, welcome sign, photo, or seating chart on a table unsupported or simply propping them up against a wall might make it seem as though you forgot to think about your event styling all the way through. Consider renting out our Quen White Display Floor Easel to tastefully present all the things you need to tell or show your guests. It is large enough to hold anything from chalkboards to large photo frames. The easel features a white finish, so you will not have to worry about it fitting in with your other décor items.

  • biltmore stand gold

    Andel Gold Biltmore Stand


    Need a floating floral arrangement for your event? The Andel Gold Biltmore Stand is right for you!

    Sturdy and stable, this stand supports various floral arrangements, from table centrepieces to aisle decors. And with its two-tiered design, you can place votive candles and curios at the bottom.

    And coming in a muted gold colour, this stand blends perfectly with a range of decorative elements, from vintage and rustic to shabby chic and Bohemian.

    Product size: 19.75″X 5.5″X 31.5″
    top part opening: approximately 4 and 3/4 inch (Width) and 19 and 3/4 inch (length).

  • Queenie Small Gold Easel Stand (Mismatched Styles)


    Our Queenie Gold Easel Stand (we have the similar one in multiple amount in mismatched styles) is made from metal and features a minimalist design. It is quite sturdy and can be used to hold chalkboards, prints, and picture frames. We also recommend renting a bunch of them and using them as simple table centerpieces. You can easily place printed table numbers on them and add a few flowers, greenery, or candles for a soft touch.

  • Cassia Clear Cupcake Stand


    Dimensions Guide:

    5 TIER: based on approx 2″ diameter cupcake = 18-24 cupcakes

    • first tier (top) = 6″ = 2-3 cupcakes
    • 2nd tier = 7.5″ = 3-4 cupcakes
    • 3rd tier = 9″ = 4-5 cupcakes
    • 4th tier = 10″ = 4-5 cupcakes
    • 5th tier = 12″ = 5-6 cupcakes


    4 TIER: based on approx 2″ diameter cupcake = 16-20 cupcakes

    • first tier (top) = 6″ = 2-3 cupcakes
    • 2nd tier = 7.5″ = 3-4 cupcakes
    • 3rd tier = 9″ = 4-5 cupcakes
    • 4th tier = 10″ = 4-5 cupcakes


    The Cassia Clear Cupcake Stand is a wonderful item that you should rent especially if you want to focus everyone’s attention on your cupcakes. Each tier is made from a thin, but sturdy, circular piece of clear plastic. Once filled, it will look like a delicious stack of floating cupcakes. If you will be using it for a wedding, you can choose to just have a small wedding cake done and place it on the very top tier. Then, you can creatively fill the lower levels with matching cupcakes, which, in the end, will ultimately save you a lot of money.

  • Gold Vintage Cake Stand

    Hadid Gold Cake Stand Vintage

  • Araceli Wooden Slab


    Our Araceli Wooden Slab can be used in more ways than one. You can use it as a plate charger to complete your rustic table setting or as the base for your table centerpiece. If you do not want to overcrowd your guests’ tables with wooden pieces, you can simply use the slabs as cupcake stands for your dessert table, instead.

  • Bach Classic Black Cake Stand


    This 12 inch, classic, black cake stand is an excellent piece to let your desserts shine.

    Its simplistic design allows for it to be the perfect touch to any party!

  • Zayna Black Column Stand Pedestal


    These black column pedestals are bold, versatile and useful for just about anything.

    They are perfect to put any decor or design upon to make the pieces stand out.  They are also perfect for planting a wonderful floral arrangement on top of! Its dark and solid appearance is ideal to make flowers pop!

    These pieces match with just about anything.

    We have the following sizes (of columns/pedestals/plinths): 12″ x 28″ | 13″ x 39″

  • Ciara Gold Cake Stand 14″


    This Ciara Gold Cake Stand is the perfect cake stand for any wedding.

    Its simplistic and classic gold colours allows for it to match any cake that will be there to celebrate your event with!

    Its smooth and chic look allows for it to be bold, but let the cake be the real star of the show! Let your cake sit on a wonderful, show stopping cake stand like this.

    14” diameter x 13.5”H

  • Hadid White Cake Stand Elegant


    This 12 inch, elegant, white cake stand is the perfect touch to any event.

    Its sleek design matches a variety of themes and is excellent for, but not limited to, raising special event cakes and cupcakes.

    Help make your special events pop with elegant decor.

  • Soledad Mirrored Gold Rimmed Tray

  • Ara Gold Round Cake Stand Plateau


    This 18 inch stand is perfect for cakes, cupcakes or any other desserts!

    This classic gold stand is ideal for weddings or other special events.

    An elegant touch to any special day.

  • Brooker Cake Stand

    Brooker Cake Stand


    13” x 4.5”
    12″ diameter of the marble

  • Pop Backdrop Stand


    Our telescopic backdrop stands are quite compact and will not disturb surrounding decor or equipment. They are black in color as not to stand out and ruin your event's overall look and are available in the following sizes:

    8' x 10'
    10' x 10'
    7' x 12'

    Discounts may be given when 10 or more are rented. If you require bigger dimensions or have other concerns, just leave us a message and we'll gladly help you out!

  • Sign My Guest Book – Elegant Wooden Sign


    Adorable little wooden sign to remind your special guest to sign your guest book and help build memories.

    Your guests are coming to celebrate you! Allow them to leave their mark.

    Rustic, elegant and grand all in one, this sign is the perfect accent piece to any table at your event.

    The beauty is in its simplistic details.

  • Adria Minimalist Welcome Sign


    Welcome to the Party! Welcome your guests to YOUR big day with this beautiful welcome sign.

    This accent piece is the perfect way to give your guests a sneak peak to the wonderful decor they are going to see once they enter.

    It is your special day, make a statement by welcoming your guests to a night to remember with this elegant sign!

  • Heavenly Artificial Floral Arch Cluster Arrangement


    This stunning arc is a wonderful accent to any room, photo-booth or backdrop!

    Floral accents are always the perfect classic touch to any celebration.

    A wonderful idea for entrances to events or just simply for the picture perfect spot!

    Decor like this never goes out of style.

  • Rose Gold Cake Stand

    Hadid Rose Gold Cake Stand Vintage


    Diameter: 12 inches

  • Ara Silver Round Cake Stand Plateau


    This beautiful 16 inch stand is perfect for cakes, cupcakes and desserts.

    Its elegant style allows for it to be ideal for weddings and parties.

    A classic touch to any dessert table!