Vintage Items

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  • Orion Gold Plate Charger


    Step up the level of your table setting by renting out our Orion Gold Plate Chargers.

    They come in a lovely matte gold finish that will provide your event with a few more hints of sophistication and elegance.

    Gold is the perfect colour to add accents to any colour that your wedding theme follows!

    Check out our selection of gold cutlery, as well, to find pieces that will complement these plate chargers! Approximately 13″.

  • Natty Blush Vintage Piece Suitcase


    Trunks and suitcases are quirky accessories you can add to your rustic or vintage event for filling in empty spaces or for collecting your guests’ cards. Our Natty 3 Blush Vintage Piece Suitcases come in three different sizes to help you find the perfect one that will match the purpose you have in mind. Pricing is on 3 pieces.