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  • Claire White Curve Vase


    Our Claire White Curve Vases are perfect for holding lush floral arrangements and greenery. Its white finish gives a nice contrast to the colors of your flowers and will instantly make them look brighter and fresher. Each vase features a simple curved design that greatly opens up at the top to make it seem as though your flowers are about to overflow from the brim. If the white coat is too plain for your taste, you can easily fix it by wrapping decorative ribbons, burlap, lace, or other materials around each vase.

  • Clarisse White Cylinder Vase


    Going for glass vases are great for achieving a minimalist look but do no great justice in bringing out the richness of your floral arrangements. Consider renting out our Clarisse White Cylinder Vases, instead, to easily make the vivid colors of your flowers pop against the soft white finish of the vases. If you have a dual color scheme in mind, we recommend choosing flowers that come in one of your colors and wrapping a thin ribbon of your other color around the vase. Its simple design offers so much room for creativity!