winter wonderland

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  • Hera Winter Wonderland Centrepiece (High)


    Breathtakingly immaculate, immaculately breathtaking…That’s the Hera Winter Wonderland Centerpiece!

    A bouquet of white, sheer blooms framed by frozen pine needles gives this centrepiece an otherworldly look. And with the bouquet set high on top of a silver vase, the ensemble looks like a delicate ice sculpture.

    Position this goddess along the walls or on the tables to set the tone for an ethereal Christmas or white-themed celebration. One that’s bound to leave a lasting impression.

  • Joy Holiday Cart


    How about a Holiday cart for your event? Perfect for cocoa bar or latte bar during the Christmas season.

    This item requires installation and teardown services for additional charges.

  • Winter Wonderland Arch


    Turn your event into a magical winter landscape with this Winter Wonderland arch backdrop. Whether it’s for your wedding, birthday, shower or a Holiday event, this arch would be perfect.

  • Northern Lights Event Theme Staging and Design

    Boreas Northern Lights Set


    Illuminate your event with the mesmerizing Boreas Northern Lights Backdrop. This stunning backdrop transports you to the enchanting world of the Northern Lights, filling your space with a captivating display of vivid colors and ethereal beauty. Perfect for weddings, winter wonderland-themed parties, or photography settings, it creates a magical atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression.

    Transform your event into a breathtaking spectacle with the Boreas Northern Lights Backdrop, capturing the essence of natural wonder and awe.

  • Christmas Photoshoot Setup Decor Photography Holiday

    Merry Bright Arch


    Make your Holiday even more Merry with this instagrammable Merry Bright arch. You have an option to rent just the arch, or with loveseat and props around. Designed for photo booth, photo opps or even brand activation.

  • Heidi Winter Wonderland (Medium)