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  • wooden crates for rent torontowooden crates Michael

    Mandy Vintage Rustic Crate


    Sizes vary. Pricing is based on per piece basis.

    • Larger: 14’L X 10’W x 7’H
    • Smaller: 12’L x 8’W x 6’H
  • Charren Wooden Table Numbers


    Give your wedding a wonderfully rustic theme with these beautiful table top numbers.

    Their elegant and simplistic design allows for these pieces to match perfectly with a variety of colours and themes.

    Allow your guests to enjoy your magical evening at their beautifully decorated guest tables with these perfect decorative pieces.

  • Gold Wooden LanternLantern Decor

    Arriane Gold Wooden Lantern


    IMPORTANT: The size & appearance of each lantern may slightly vary but the overall style is similar. The roof is spray painted with Gold & the style of the body looks rustic and some with bits of metals. Please check the provided link to view the photos of other styles.

    Height: 14-16″ (add about 1.5-2″ for the holders – if there are any)
    Body Diameter: 5-6″
    Bottom Part Diameter: 5-6.5″

    GOLD & Easily achieve a rustic and vintage style wedding or event by renting out a bunch of our Ava Gold Wooden Lanterns. It has all the details of the vintage lantern but uses wood instead of the usual metal. They are just as sturdy as our other lanterns and can be used as table centerpieces or as hanging ornaments. Its wood has a lovely aged look that provides a wonderful contrast to its gold upper portion. To give it a romantic vibe, don’t be afraid to mix in a few flowers and greenery.

  • Wooden Table Numbers

    Jaime Wooden Table Numbers


    Don't make the mistake of thinking that table numbers are too simple to have to spend some money on. Everything about your event has to come together and skimping on one detail such as this can possibly ruin your whole vision. Our Wooden Table Numbers are not show-stealers but do provide that subtle rustic charm. Its simple white-on-wood look easily makes it blend well with almost anything.

  • White Ladder For Rent

    Mika Ruby White Wooden Crate


    IMPORTANT: Style and sizing may vary a bit (1-2″). These white wooden crates are perfect for filling those empty spaces in your wedding decor. It is best to arrange them in a seemingly haphazard way to get that casual feel. Its white color makes it a great canvas for you to add anything you want! We recommend adding some succulents or lovely flowers to give it character.

    We have varying styles. See actual photo.

  • Tree Centerpiece WeddingRhys Wooden Centrepice

    Mia Tree Wooden Centrepiece Stand


    This stand is about as unique as it gets! Elegant, rustic and magical all in one, this stand will help match any wedding theme and any colour pallet that your heart desires.

    Perfectly sitting upon your guest tables, this centrepiece stand will help your beautiful floral arrangements stand tall!

    This piece is truly one of a kind and will help make your wedding one to remember.

    Stand Dimensions:
    36″ for the stand alone.
    Approximately 47” high with the floral arrangement.
    8.5” bottom diameter

    As for the arrangement, it should be additional 1.5′-2′.

    We can change the SILK arrangement colours to another colour (additional may apply).

  • Boxwood Backdrop

    Abby 3-Tier Wooden Cupcake Stand


    Pricing is per piece.

    Complete your rustic look with our Abby 3-Tier Wooden Cupcake Stand. Each tier is made from a relatively thick wooden slab. It is an incredible way to dress up your dessert table without actually having to use a lot of decorations. The stands are very sturdy, and will not easily topple over regardless of how the cupcakes will be placed. And don’t worry, they are absolutely clean and safe to use for food!

    Each tier has a diameter of  8″  for the top, 13″ for the second and 15″ for the base.

  • Birch Tubes

    Bojana Birch Tubes

  • Kim Wooden Card Box


    Fits about 100+ cards.

  • Wooden Coffee Table

    Akie Wooden Coffee Table


    Approximate Dimensions: 40″ × 22″ × 18″

  • Donut Wall

    Bianca Doughnut Wall (Donut Wall)


    This Bianca Doughnut Wall (Donut Wall) is perfect for just about anything!

    Its beautiful wooden material allows for a rustic and classic look, ideal for a wide variety of wedding themes and colours!

    These pieces are embellished with a large amount of wooden hooks, perfect for hanging things off of!

    Doughnut wall white 30”x45”
    Doughnut wall rustic 24”x36”

  • Wooden Reserved Sign

    Saks Reserved Wooden Signs


    Product size: 12″ Length x 4.5″ Height

  • Wooden Rustic Chalkboard For Rent BlackboardWooden Rustic Chalkboard For Rent Blackboard

    Janel Wooden Rustic Sandwich Chalkboard


    Spice up your event decor with this Rustic Sandwich Chalkboard. Calligraphy is not included in the pricing.


    Whole thing: 4ft tall, 2ft wide
    Chalkboard: 31 inches tall, 19 inches wide

  • Wooden Cake Stand

    Anika 3-Tier Wooden Cake Stand


    A unique twist to a traditional cake stand or cupcake tier!

    This piece is rustic and elegant at the same time with its wooden design, wonderful

    Perfect for a 3-tiered cake, cupcakes or any dessert that you want to stand out!

    Approx 10″ diameter. Approx 27″ height.

  • wooden seating chart

    Aster Rustic Wooden Seating Chart


    The pricing is based on per piece basis. The maximum table numbers it can hold is 21 and if you have more tables, rent 2. Stationery dimension may vary depending on the number of tables.

    Length : 32”
    Height : 24”

    Without border (to be followed when adding stationery):
    Length : 31”
    Height : 22”

    Size between the ropes:
    approx 6-7”

    Standard stationery/photo sizes:
    For up to 15 tables: approximately 4×6″ (5 per row)
    For 16-21 tables: we recommend 3.5×5.5″ (6-7 per row)

  • Karol Wooden Cake Stand

    Bey Wooden Cake Stand

  • Welcome Sign wooden rustic

    Konna Welcome Sign – Wooden


    First impressions are important! Let the first thing your guests see when they enter your ceremony or afterparty be this breathtaking wooden welcome sign.

    Your wedding day marks a new beginning with the one you love.  Let the world know this is your new beginning, the start to a lifetime of happiness with this rustic wooden sign.

    Capture your guests attention the second they enter your wedding with elegant and eye catching decor.  This sign matches perfectly with a variety of themes, colour pallets, floral decor and more! This piece also matches a variety of other wooden signs available for rent.

    This piece is available with the easel, without the easel and with custom decal & easel – prices vary.

    IMPORTANT: If you choose the custom welcome sign option, the wooden pieces are all rentals. The decal is the custom one.

  • wooden arch for rent torontowooden arch for rent toronto

    Anastasia Wooden Arch


    Delivery, setup & pickup is required.

    NOTE: Pricing is for one-sided faux floral.

    Approximate Dimension:
    Full Length: 8.25′ in total
    Inner Length: 6.88′
    Height: 7.5′

    Designed for indoor use
    *If item is to be used outdoors, outdoor tools are required. Please be mindful of item placement due to unpredictable weather

  • in loving memory of wooden rustic

    Kass In Our Hearts Forever – Wooden Sign


    Paying tribute to those who have left us too soon is an important part of your wedding.

    This rustic wooden sign is a special touch to help honour those you have made an impact in your life and lead you towards your special day.

    This sign is ideal beside any memorial table or area as needed.

  • Ashton Wooden Seating Chart


    Show your guests to their seat in style with this rustic wooden seating chart.

    Start off the night right with a wonderful decorative first impression to wow your guests.

    Rustic wooden pieces are excellent accent pieces as they match a variety of themes and colours that your heart may desire.

    Create a memorable night with beautifully detailed pieces like this!

    Overall dimension is 21.5″ x 36″ but the seating chart area is 30″ x 21.5″.

    The standard paper size you can use is 4×6″ or you can modify the paper size based on the number of your tables (based on the dimensions of the seating chart area)

  • Unplugged Ceremony Wooden Rustic Sign

    Keana Unplugged Ceremony Wooden Sign


    In todays busy world, it is sometimes hard to take a step away from everything and enjoy the moment.

    Want your guests to enjoy the moment at your wedding? Remind them to turn off their cell phones and truly unplug themselves form the rest of the world to celebrate with you in the moment with this beautiful wooden sign.

    This rustic sign is a perfect and stylish way to let your guests know that they must unplug for the ceremony.

    Available without easel, with easel and with custom decal & easel – prices vary.

  • Shake it like a polaroid picture

    Kanny Shake It – Wooden Sign


    This cute new sign is perfect for your photo area!

    As a prop, a sign guiding your guests to your photo booth, or as an accent piece near your photo area, this piece is just picture perfect photos.

    Shake, shake, shake it like a Polaroid at your wedding with this rustic wooden sign.

    Perfectly matches with whatever theme your heart desires for your wedding.

    Pairs wonderfully with a large range of wooden signs available for rent!

  • wooden seating chart

    Karwu Large Wooden Seating Chart


    This large wooden slab is an absolute stand out piece!

    It is perfect for seating charts, especially for large weddings with lots of guests.

    Its rustic wooden material allows for it to give a warm feeling to any event space as well as match wonderfully with a variety of colours, floral arrangements and wedding themes.

    Matches perfectly with a range of other wooden signs also available for rent.

    Available with easel, without easel and with custom decal & easel – prices vary.

  • Kid’s Table & Chair Set


  • picnic tablePicnic Table

    Gail Low Picnic Table


    Add some spice to your party with these trendy wooden low picnic tables! It’s 4′ long x 3.5ft wide x 1.5ft tall. Seats about 4-6 per table. Spacious enough for dining and some centrepieces :)

  • bar menu wooden rustic

    Kasi Bar Menu – Wooden Sign


    Special menu? Signature drink? We got you with this rustic wooden sign! Its customizable menu feature is ideal for weddings with specialty drinks for your guests.

    Show your guests to the bar in style with this perfect wooden sign.

    Ideal for weddings, bridal showers and any other events with specialty drinks and an open bar.

    Matches perfectly with a wide variety of other wooden signs available for rent.

    Available with easel, without easel, and with custom decal & easel – prices vary.