5 Amazing Shops To Buy Pretty Pots for Indoor Plants in Toronto

Plants can make a home look and feel better. You can get one or many for different purposes. It could be purely decorative, relaxing, or serve as an added air purifier. These days, you can’t go wrong with getting a few just for the pure calming sensation you get just by tending to them and looking at them.

Beautify your spots with greenery and add a little bit more character to them by placing your babies in pretty pots. Your indoor plants can become focal pieces in your home when you pair them with unique containers. We have 5 amazing shops that carry different and interesting pots for your aesthetic and personality. Check them out below!

1. Wildhood

Wildhood Their shop may be quaint and tiny but Wildhood is a hidden gem with so many pretty pieces to choose from. They carry plants, flowers, and little trinkets for your home. They have stocks of different planters that are modern, chic, and minimalist. Choose from handpainted terracotta or small pots for an added oomph to your space.

Do you want clean lines and solid colors for your home? They have plain pots in an array of different colors and textures too. Make sure to visit their shop at Toronto’s Junction Neighborhood at Dundas and Keele or click on their website link below. It’s a hidden treasure cove of all things delightful.

• website: https://wildhoodto.com/
• address: 2830 Dundas Street West

2. Urban Gardener


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Urban gardener is the place to be for the city’s green thumbs and plant-curious population. They carry beautiful plants, pots, and a heart for customer service and interaction. Whether you’re an expert or a new plant lover, you will a community of people that will gladly assist you with all your needs.

They have partnered with select Ontario greenhouses to provide the highest quality and freshest plants. If you’re in need of repotting services, they have it too. They carefully source from local artists to provide the community with creative and one-of-a-kind plant accessories to spruce up your homes. They’ve become a favorite among Toronto’s plant lovers, you might just be the next one to fall in love with their shop.

• website: https://www.urbangardenertoronto.com/
• address: 1640 Dupont Street

3. Plant CollectivePlant Collective

With the mission to help make Canadian households happier and healthier through greenery, Plant Collective is a haven for all things plant-related. They have house plants, succulents, air plants, DIY terrariums, and accessories. All you need to complete your arsenal is here.
They have an array of pots and planters that will fit any house theme. From quirky dino and whale pots to other unique finds and they also have classic white, clay, terracotta, and baskets. They have everything for everyone.

• website: https://plantcollective.co/
• address: 1930 Queen St East, Toronto

4. Floral Bash

From flower arrangements and bundles that light up any room, Floral Bash also carries plants and pots that are guaranteed to complement your home. Are you looking for the perfect accessory for your space? You can talk to their florists and they’ll gladly help you pick the best plants and pots for whatever area you have in mind.

• website: http://floralbash.ca
• address: 1230 Sheppard Ave West, Unit 5B, Toronto, Ontario M3K1Z9

5. VintageBASH

With roots grounded on event styling, you can be sure that VintageBASH carries only the best looking planters for your home. Pretty and chic, these pots are a sure winning match for any indoor plant you have.

One look at their portfolio, you’ll already have a sense of the classic style of VintageBASH. With the help of their plants, flowers, and accessories, you can transform your home to look like the ones featured in interior design magazines.

• website: http://vintagebash.ca
• address: 1230 Sheppard Ave West

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