10 Top Modern Industrial Venues in Downtown Toronto

In this day and age, modern venues are the way to go for weddings. Sleek, chic, urban are characteristics you’d want to associate with your much-anticipated wedding day.

Lucky for you, Toronto is home to several event venues that may just be the perfect backdrop for your special day. Whether its a loft, a gallery, a distillery, the rich heritage of Toronto has many in the way of modern offerings for the planning couple.

Having trouble what to choose? Well, let us make our job easier for you. For your consideration, here are 10 Top Modern Industrial Venues in Downtown Toronto.

1. The Fifth Events

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Vintage is the in-thing right now. If you’re looking for a cozy and vintage atmosphere for your wedding, look no further than the Fifth Event Place. Located in the heart of Toronto, this venue has garnered a reputation for its excellent cuisine and beautiful vintage ambiance. With a wonderfully designed interior and an idyllic terrace experience, this place is simply inspiring.

2. The Fermenting Cellar

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Built during the year 1859, the Fermenting Cellar is a fragment of time. Vintage wooden beams, chandelier candles, brick walls, and a high ceiling all come together for a wonderfully atmospheric venue. Its authentic charm is well-preserved and will surely impress even your most sophisticated wedding guests.

3. Vantage Venue

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A lustrous experience awaits you at the Vantage Venue. The rooms sport floor-to-ceiling windows which impart the venue with natural beauty of abundant lighting, not to mention a breath-taking view of the city skyline. Partaking in cocktails and macaroons are made all the more enjoyable from such a sleek and modern atmosphere offered at Vantage Venue.

4. Artscape Sandbox

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The Artscape Sandbox is the perfect place for those looking for a chic and modern feel. Like a fresh canvas, Artscape Sandbox is a venue with the creative organizer in mind. With a spacious lobby and a strongly serviceable back-house, the sky is the limit for what you can do for your dream event.

5. The Richmond

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Want to have your event in a gallery? Then Richmond located at the street of the same name might just be for you. With a spacious area able to accommodate 200 guests, your creativity is the only limit to this ala carte venue. Whether you choose a modern and chic theme or an extravagant celebration, the Richmond is a versatile option for your special event.

6. Distillery Restaurant Corporation

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Those who love the cobblestoned streets of the Distillery District will fall in love with its corresponding events place. Located in the heart of a hip and artistic neighborhood, this venue is visual splendor that’s guaranteed to give your event a unique feel. It’s brick walls, high-ceiling, and beautiful wooden tables make this the perfect venue for your intimate wedding.

7. 5 Brock Events

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Located in the rich neighborhood of Parkdale, 5 Brock Events specializes in an industrial and artistic atmosphere. Having preserved its historical Toronto architecture, it serves as a perfect backdrop for wedding events. The 5 Brock Events venue has been home to numerous events such as weddings, car shows, or even fashion shows. This stands as a testament to the versatility of this wonderful venue.

8. Twist Gallery

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In downtown Toronto stands the alluring draw of the Twist Gallery. Part gallery and part events place, this loft-style venue boasts a high ceiling, arch-style windows, and skylights is sure to make your quaint event the talk of the town. It’s large enough to accommodate 250 standing guests but its beautiful atmosphere is more impressively brought out in intimate gatherings.

9. Blush & Bowties

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Are you looking for a real haven of peace? Blush & Bowties is the perfect place! Bright, modern and spacious! You can integrate nude colours, a ceiling of lights and garlands decorated with flowers. Choose one of our arches to embellish the entrance to the room!

10. The Eglinton Grand

10 Top Modern Industrial Venues in Downtown Toronto

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Those looking for a Hollywood wedding experience should look no further than the Eglinton Grand. Tailor-made for grand and glamorous events, the Eglinton Grand may appeal to those who want a larger-than-life approach to their special day. A customized grand marquee sign, a movie theatre entrance, and a curtain-revealed ballroom all come together to create the charm of an unforgettable movie to your wedding day.

With Toronto’s many offerings, you’ll be sure to find a modern industrial venue perfect for your wedding day. Whether its the elegant charm of a vintage restaurant, the sophistication of a New-York style loft, or the grandeur of a movie theater experience, there’s a venue in Downtown Toronto waiting to play host to your wonderful celebration.

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