15+ Best Influencer Event Marketing Agencies in Toronto

Leave a statement and invite high-profile personalities to your next brand event. Be the buzz and always the first through working with these 15+ Best Influencer Event Marketing Agencies in Toronto. Check out which agency fit you best and can help you achieve your brand objective.

15+ Best Influencer Event Marketing Agencies in Toronto

1. VintageBash

VintageBash decor and florist service available near King City

Have a sophisticated event with the help of VintageBash. They are Toronto’s best event planners that you can tap. More than planning, they can also extend assistance regarding event design and rental. Even brands, also prioritize the client’s objective and ensure that the event helps them to achieve this.

2. WildBash Events

rental company in toronto

WildBash Events wows us with their luxurious events in the past. Their flair for sophisticated design and attention to detail easily made them a favourite in just a few years. Moreover, they are also well-affiliated and can help you connect with vendors you might need.

3. Tigris Event

One of the best Influencer Marketing Agencies in Toronto, Tigris Events help host the best experiential marketing executions for brands. They worked with several brands over the years and continued to deliver beyond expectations. Furthermore, they also extend services that help with staffing, event design, and other event essentials.

4. Fuse Create

Fuse Create Influencer Marketing Event Planner

Get noticed and start leaving an impression with Fuse Create. They are a full-service marketing company that extends support to its clients who aim to leave a mark in the industry and be the talk of the town. Moreover, they are true experts in event planning, content creation, and promotion.

5. Talk Shop Media

Talk Shop Media is one of the go-to influencer event marketing agencies in the city. They help brands in their social media presence and influencer event planning too. More than the traditional side of things, they also helped fuse modern digital solutions and help their clients achieve their goals.

6. Yellow House Events

Yellow House Influencer Event Marketing Agencies in Toronto

Focusing on delivering high-quality and converting events, Yellow House Events sure got your back. They help with physical real-life events that can help brands achieve their set objectives. Furthermore, they also help with digital events and promotions to ensure positive reception from the audience.

7. Simon Pure

Simon Pure helps its clients design an experiential marketing initiative that brings results. They are also working with brand ambassadors who can help their clients smoothly execute each initiative. True professionals, they assure to elevate the whole event and that you get to leave a positive impression overall.

8. Loma Agency

Loma Marketing Agency Influencer Event Marketing Agencies in Toronto

With a heart dedicated to customers, Loma Agency not only helps its clients achieve their goals but also appeals to the end consumers. They are dedicated to helping and truly experienced that they can guide you in hosting your own brand event. From day one to the big day, they commit to nothing but excellence.

9. Public Label Agency

With an understanding of how public reception can make or break your brand, Public Label Agency ensures to pay attention even to small details. They also work with public figures who can help you promote and even attend your event.

10. Brand EQ

Brand EQ Influencer Event Marketing Agencies in Toronto

An award-winning agency, Brand EQ is a bliss to work with. They help brands with marketing initiatives, PR, and branding. Moreover, they also ensure to elevate the brands they work with and just dominate the market.

11. Blitz Marketing

Blitz Marketing is a recognized influencer event marketing agency in Toronto They worked with known brands in the past and ensured to deliver of successful events to each. Including other marketing solutions to better the brand, they are a well-rounded agency for any client.

12. Harbinger Ideas

Harbringer Influencer Event Marketing Agencies in Toronto

Helping with public relations mostly, Harbinger Ideas take on what their clients need and come up with influencer event or content creation solutions to achieve this. Also working with launch plans and so on, they can definitely be of help for announcements and increasing awareness of new items.

13. Blackbox Communications

Bringing visions to life, Blackbox Communications can help you with marketing solutions to boost your presence in the city. They offer a comprehensive list of services which you can mix and match to see which fits your business best.

14. Branding & Buzzing

Brand & Buzzing

Branding & Buzzing is one of Toronto’s finest marketing agencies to work with. They commit to helping brands create a buzz attracting their target market and generating their desired results. They also work with influencers which the brand can tap into and see if they are good representatives of the brand.

15. TWG Communications

Located in five cities within Toronto, TWG Communications sure got the backs of their clients anywhere in Canada. They have an impressively wide range of services that all aim to help the business. Furthermore, their 25 years in the business sure kept them sharp and their best practices can help us host brand events that are foolproof..


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