K& M’s Classic Modern Wedding at The Eglinton Grand

Hey there, wedding enthusiasts! Get ready to step into the world of timeless elegance as we take you behind the scenes of Kerri & Matt’s breathtaking wedding at The Eglinton Grand. With VintageBASH weaving their magic, this celebration was a perfect blend of classic charm and modern sophistication. Let’s dive into the enchantment!

Nestled in the heart of Toronto, The Eglinton Grand, restored by Dynamic Hospitality, provided the perfect canvas for Kerri & Matt’s special day. Its historic charm and modern amenities set the stage for a wedding that was both timeless and contemporary.

Venue Vibes

From Atlantis Pavilions to Yuk Yuk’s and Wendel Clark’s Classic Grill and Sports Lounge, Dynamic Hospitality has been at the forefront of Toronto’s event scene since 1986. The Eglinton Grand, a Canadian National Landmark, is one of their prized jewels, renowned for its elegance and trustworthiness as an event venue.

Kerri & Matt’s Vision

Kerri & Matt envisioned their wedding as a celebration of classic elegance with a modern twist. With VintageBASH by their side, they brought their vision to life, infusing the venue with chic black and white decor that exuded sophistication.

Decor Delights

VintageBASH worked their magic to transform The Eglinton Grand into a vision of beauty and romance for Kerri & Matt’s special day. From the elegant flower centrepieces to the flickering candles that added a warm glow to the surroundings, every detail was meticulously curated to create a magical atmosphere.

Floral Flourish

Let’s talk flowers – because no wedding is complete without them! VintageBASH’s floral arrangements were a sight to behold, with blooms in classic white hues that added a touch of elegance to the proceedings. Kerri’s bouquet was a masterpiece in itself, a stunning combination of timeless beauty and modern flair.

As Kerri & Matt exchanged vows at The Eglinton Grand, surrounded by their loved ones, it was a moment of pure joy and happiness. VintageBASH, with their expertise in decor and floral design, brought their wedding dreams to life in the most spectacular way.

Here’s to Kerri & Matt and their happily ever after, and to many more cherished memories at The Eglinton Grand!

Here’s to love, laughter, and happily ever after at The Eglinton Grand!

The Eglinton Grand, restored by Dynamic Hospitality, is the perfect venue for a wedding that seamlessly blends classic elegance with modern sophistication. With VintageBASH by your side, your special day is sure to be unforgettable. Let us help you create the wedding of your dreams at The Eglinton Grand!

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