Love the outdoors as a couple? No doubt, Kortright Centre for Conservation is a prime wedding venue for you! Fall in love with its outdoor wooden landscape that gives us a countryside feel — so cosy, personal, and warm. More than the aesthetic location, the location itself promotes sustainability and conservation of the planet which makes it even more meaningful.

Accommodating various events, this venue remains a hot option for galas, weddings, etc. The rustic ambience along with the lush wooden forest gives an intimate and more personal touch to any events held here. This is also perfect if you’re looking for a venue to fit a bohemian concept. With that in mind, our expert decor team can help you weave ideas and execute them to fit the venue’s design.

Kortright Centre for Conservation: Gorgeous Wedding Inspiration & Ideas

Playing around the neutral and earthy tones, you will do well here and have harmony with nature. You can use greeneries with little touches of white or muted coloured flowers. Wooden accents can also be implemented as table accents, arches, and other potential applications. Deep wood furniture and minimalist floral details would also potentially work. At night, you can add fairy lights or makeshift candles per table for a more intimate and heartfelt celebration.

Do you have a concept in mind? Share with us your vision and we can help you bring it to life, minus the stress! Our team of floral and decor professionals can help you have your dream wedding that everyone would remember.

Let’s get planning!


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