5 Shops To Buy Planters for Large Indoor Plants in Toronto

If you’ve been browsing interior design pages, you’ve probably seen a living room or den decorated with large indoor plants. Imagine the room without these stunning greens. It probably won’t have the same impact.

If you’ve already invested in high-quality plants, make them stand out more by having containers that perfectly match. These can be suited to your theme and personality, too. We have 5 shops that carry beautiful accessories that can help complete your home transformation. Read on below to find out.

1. Dynasty Plant Shop  Dynasty Plant Shop

Dynasty is a shop with the goal of integrating plants into interior design. They improve spaces by using high-quality tropical plants, ceramics, and accessories. They take pride in sourcing unique and beautiful vessels to complement their wide range of plants. You will find pots and planters that are both curated and created by their production team.

They have designed homes, commercial locations, events, film sets, and venues. Rest assured, you will find a planter that will suit your space very well from their inventory.

2. Floral Bash

From creating beautiful flower arrangements and bouquets, Floral Bash now also carries an array of plants and planters that enrich homes and spaces. They can take your vision and assist you in choosing the best one to match it.

Their containers are meant to complement all their flowers and plants. Look over their shop and find the prettiest blooms, greens, and planters that can makeover your home.

3. Plant World

Plant World

Plant World is the place to be for enthusiasts and the plant curious. You’ll find excellent products from plants, flowers, succulents, and pots they are housed in. Their knowledgeable staff can help you choose the best container to provide the right environment for your plants to grow. In addition, you can get the right ones that best suit the style or theme of your room.

They have planters in glazed ceramics in vibrant colors, their best-selling crescent containers that come in different styles, colors, and sizes, as well as clay pots in terracotta and Italian decorative style, plastic, concrete, cast iron, and decorative. Pay them a visit or browse through their website to learn more.

4. Barracuda



Barracuda specializes in creating stylish and functional pieces for their clients. Their designs are durable and lightweight. They continue to innovate with self-watering systems and a high value on aesthetics. Their staff works closely with their clients to make sure their expectations are met in terms of achieving the look they want for their space.

Make sure to browse through their catalog and let them know if you find the perfect pieces for your plants. They specialize in crescent garden planters that are long-lasting and can withstand any weather.

5. VintageBASH

Take your interiors up a notch with VintageBASH’s expertise in design and styling. Tell them about your space and the plants you have. They’ll help you figure out the best planter that will suit your style and personality. They also have plants available for sale so you better check out all their offerings before sealing the deal.

You’ll find so many special things in-store at VintageBASH, they’re a true purveyor of timeless pieces that you’ll surely fall in love with.






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