10+ Large-Scale Prop Fabrication Companies in Toronto

Full setups with custom large-scale props are crucial in staging an impactful store experience. This helps in engaging customers and building brand awareness that can benefit the brand in the long run. Furthermore, eye-catching displays can help a brand stand out from the crowd and achieve its target. To make it easier for you, we rounded up 10+ Large-Scale Prop Fabrication Companies in Toronto that you can work with in here.

10+ Large-Scale Prop Fabrication Companies in Toronto

1. VintageBASH

1 1 10+ Large-Scale Prop Fabrication Companies in Toronto

A go-to large-scale prop fabrication company in Toronto, VintageBASH got your back! Their team can help you ideate your full setup and help you plan what kind of props you may need. At the same time, you can also check their library of props and decor to see which ones you can rent too. Ideally, their team also help with setup and takedown — making the whole process so much easier for you. You can let your imagination run wild and never worry again about bringing it to life.

2. Brand Glow Up

Brand Glow Up is a full-scale marketing agency that helps brands and businesses scale up. From digital efforts to offline in-store brand activations. They even extend staging requests and crafting of large-scale prop fabrication. They can help with the whole process — from ideation to the actual execution. At the same time, their team can also help with cohesive marketing efforts and ensure conversion for the brand.

3. Henchmen Studios

Henchmen Studio Large-Scale Prop Fabrication Toronto

Established in 2013, Henchmen Studios is a large-scale prop fabrication company in Canada. They helped various brands and creative sets to come up with amazing setups. Coming in various designs and execution, they ensure that each is made using high-quality materials too. Ensured to be durable, their pieces are no doubt good investments. Unique and customer for the brand, they ensure that the whole set speaks for the brand and is cohesive with other factors considered.

4. Engineered Arts

Make your launch exciting with huge eye-catching props with Engineered Arts’ help. They accommodate brands and businesses that need help with the fabrication of custom props in varying sizes. Their commitment to delivering high-quality output sure helped them achieve the reputation in the business they have now. At the same time, they engineer each item to fit what their client has in mind which also ensures cost-efficiency.

5. La France Design

LaFrance Large-Scale Prop Fabrication Toronto

Having worked with small and large production sets, La France Design is undeniably a good fabrication company to work with. They can work on crafting specific backdrops, props, and even furniture pieces depending on the project requirement. Before starting with the actual fabrication, they start with creating a 3D design for the client review and comments to ensure that all are considered.

6. JBW Studios

Another reliable large-scale prop fabrication company in Toronto, JBW Studios craft highly detailed props for film sets and businesses. Varying in size, their projects range from large and full-scale sets to tiny miniature pieces. Whatever their client’s needs, they can sure plan ahead and make it work with the best possible output. Besides props, they also extend costume design services to interested clients.


ACME FX Large-Scale Prop Fabrication

ACME FX extends amazing prop fabrication services that are apparent from their impressive portfolio on their website. Their team are creative and can sure help brands with guerilla marketing efforts to promote a marketing initiative or new release. Their props are life-like and truly believable — perfect for authentic brands. From small-scale requests to huge showstopping ones, they sure got your back for whatever you need.

8. Event Makers

Specializing in crafting excellent props for brands and businesses, Event Makers have a flexible team who can work with brands in various industries. They can help with conceptualization and ensuring that the direction is aligned with the brand objective. Besides this, they also help curate remarkable brand experiences which event attendees or store visitors would appreciate and encourage them to take a favourable action towards the brand.

9. Laird FX


With a roster of impressive clients in the past, Laird FX is a good large-scale prop fabrication company you can tap into. They are excellent and reliable for crafting life-like props that can surely stand out from the rest. Ideally, they can help you curate special brand activation projects where the audience can interact directly with a brand for a more remarkable experience.

10. Tom Spina

A jack of all trades in the prop fabrication industry, Tom Spina helped film and TV sets with costume and prop designs over the years. True to life and with impressive quality, they easily gained a reputation in the industry. Furthermore, they can also accommodate a full-set project — with custom small-scale to large-scale prop needs.


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