Situated at the heart of Toronto, Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex is one of the city’s heritage complexes. This is built in 1926 and continued today as a venue for special events such as weddings. More than its near proximity to the waterfront, the complex boasts of its 1920s classic elegant interior. Perfect for luxurious weddings, their crystal chandeliers and iron-laced balconies add charm to the nostalgic elegance of the building.

Maximize the ballrooms and accentuate the high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows with simplistic yet elegant decor on your big day. Feel like a true princess and live out your own happily ever after with the charming majestic vibe of the venue. Our team can help you bring your dream wedding to life and maximize the beauty of this heritage complex to your benefit.

Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex: Stunning Wedding Inspiration & Ideas

The interior of the complex is fantastic on its own — the high ceiling and the carpeted floor are already a plus point. You can play around with structure floral pillars with muted colour motifs to add softness and a romantic feel to the hall. Furthermore, greeneries on the table setup and slim metallic accents can work too. For the most part, going for a minimalist approach in this sophisticated and well-maintained venue can go a long way.

Never worry about going overboard because our team got your back! We can help you align what you desire for your big day with the possible recommendations for the venue.

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