Luxury Florals & Decor For Hotel & Restaurants

Wanting to brighten up the hotel lobby or rooms with a stunning luxury floral arrangement? You’re in luck! We are a reputable professional florists & decorator in Toronto that can help you with high-end arrangements.

We can work with your space’s personality and preferred colours to put together an arrangement that’s not only gorgeous but also relevant to the brand. Even for hotel events, we can extend assistance through huge floral backdrops or arrangements to even small dainty table arrangements.

Need floral arrangements in varying sizes? Or perhaps for a specific event only? We got you. If not, send us a message so we can check if it’s something we can whip up just for you!

  • Large-Scale Floral Arrangements
  • Large-Scale Props
  • Large Plants & Trees
  • Lobby Arrangements & Decor
  • Centrepieces
  • …more


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  • Any flower, for all seasons: Whether you prefer to have fresh flowers in the bouquet, we also offer dried and satin flower options too. Ideal for those working with a tight budget and a bit too worried about the lifespan of a real flower in bloom. At the same time, the availability of some fresh flowers also is affected by seasonality. We can come up with various arrangements depending on the season and mood to keep things interesting.
  • Small to large-scale arrangements: Our team are professional florists that can work with various formats you can think of. From the usual everyday vase arrangements to even huge floral backdrops on wedding days at your hall, we can extend a hand. Let us be your one-stop shop for all your flower decor needs.