10 Luxurious Picnic Boards and Baskets in Toronto & GTA

Spring 2021 is nearly over. So while we’re still at it, why not make the most out of it? One way to get the best out of the spring season is by enjoying ready-to-eat picnic boards and baskets with your partner, family or friends. Yes, picnics are still a thing. Because without a doubt, nothing beats a spring spent on a blanket in your backyard’s garden lawn as you gaze at the blue sky, savoring the meals.

With numerous shops and restaurants in Tronto and GTA offering pre-made picnic boxes, you’ll never run out of choices. These restaurants offer breakfasts, lunch, snacks even wine, cheese and desserts in luxury to-go picnic baskets that are best shared with loved ones. And if you want to go out but not too far,  there are a lot of parks and refreshing areas Toronto offers, you’ll surely want to spend the rest of the season with relaxation.

For your next bonding, we have listed down 10 of the best restaurants offering gorgeous-looking, luxury picnic boards and baskets that serve Toronto, GTA, Ajax, Concord, Vaughan, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Kleinburg, Milton, Stouffville, Pickering and beyond.

10 Luxurious Shops for Picnic Boards and Baskets in Toronto & GTA

1. KACE Catering

Grazing Box TorontoYour backyard bonding with the family will never be the same with KACE Catering. This premium service company is deeply accustomed to providing only the highest quality of meals to their clients and customers. Perfecting their signature dishes that are loved by many, they made them available by offering them in individual packages. From their three-course meal, picnic boxes, charcuterie boxes, grazing platters, cheese boards and more. This customer-friendly company also accommodates customers with dietary restrictions. So, if you need your boxes and platters in gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian versions, just ring them and they’ll cater them for you.

2. Floralbash

charcuterie boards, picnic boxes, picnic baskets for youDon’t get fooled by the name, Floralbash is not only a trusted flower shop of many customers. They also provide sumptuous meals that could perfectly complement your bouquets. This company is among the flower shops in Toronto that offer more than just aesthetics as they also have a knack for delicious foods. Offering customers with mouthwatering pre-made picnic baskets, addicting sweets, Instagram-worthy charcuterie, cheese and grazing boxes, platters and boards. Their charcuterie and cheese products come with premium wine options too so you can taste the elevated flavors of the said products.

  • website: www.floralbash.ca
  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave West, Unit 5B, Toronto, Ontario M3K1Z9

3. Aviator

picnic boxes, burgers, burgers and more

Aviator’s gorgeous and sumptuous picnic baskets will definitely take you to the sky. Purchasing a meal with them is like experiencing a celebration. With their hearty meals that look gorgeous and taste wonderful. Their breakfast picnic meals and afternoon tea baskets are also perfect for gifting to your bosses, to impress someone special or just casually indulge with family and friends. They offer low-calorie, small plate meals such as Kale Caesar, cauliflower, olives and more. For those with big appetites and don’t care about the calories, they offer large plate meals like Carbonara, burger, spaghetti and more. Their desserts are a must-try too! Especially the Filipino dessert halo halo made with shaved ice, coconut milk, jack fruit and purple yam.

4. TuckShop Kitchen

ready to eat picnic meals For your next beer or picnic session with your buddies, you’ll never go wrong with the Tuckshop Kitchen. Not only do they have one award-winning product, but three. Yes, three! This shop takes pride in its Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Tuck Royale Burger, Roast Turkey Sandwich, Clubhouse, salads and more. Aside from ready to dig in burgers and sandwiches, they also offer flavorful smoked bacon at their shop. They have a wide range of burger and sandwich varieties so be sure to check them before placing an order.

5. Planta

plant based picnic boxes If you want to indulge without the guilt, Plant is the restaurant for you. This place has many branches that offer plant-based meals and diet-friendly courses. Having a strong sense of sustainability and enforcing an environment-friendly system is at their core. They let the customers savor the goodness of food with the super plant foods that more nutritious. They prepare meals that do not even taste like plants at all! So, if you want to take a step to a more sustainable future, this place is definitely a must-try.

6. The Food Dudes

family platters for picnic boxes and baskets All the reasons to come together and food is definitely on the top spot. The Food Dudes uses only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients that is prepared and delivered straight from the pan. Raising the bar high in the competition, this once a home-based operation became a famously sought-after restaurant for its dynamic and authentic menu that includes elegant fares, catering events and food trucks all offering innovative dishes that have made them at the pinnacle of the food industry. They proudly offer restaurants that differ from experience yet equally serving sophisticated and hearty meals. The Pantry is perfect for people on the go as it is a cafeteria-style chain that offers to-go meals and boxes.

7. Kiss The Cook Catering

Kiss the cook, luxury meals for picnic baskets

Keep on with your busy day ahead with hassle-free and delicious meals from Kiss the Cook Catering. Whether you’re having a virtual event, looking for corporate lunches or planning to have a picnic at home, this company will prepare gourmet meals, pantry foods and sweets and will deliver right at your door. Aside from casual meals perfect for weekend picnics, they also offer barbeque specialties to enjoy in your backyard, meal programs to take your daily meal planning stress away and more. There are just too many reasons for you to love this team and by visiting their website, you’ll surely find yourself ordering your to-go picnic boxes.

8. Feast Your Eyes! Inc.

picnic tables Feast Your EyesFeast Your Eyes! Inc. lives up to its brand by offering gorgeous-looking, appetizing and tummy-filling meals and tablescapes that would leave you asking for more. With over 30 years of experience, their uniquely flavored cuisines with distinct textures, your senses will undoubtedly enjoy and be delighted. Their takeout picnic boxes and family platters are perfect for your next get-together. Aside from the soulfully prepared menu, this shop also creates marvelous decorating and styling for special affairs.

9. Fresh Restaurants

Fresh RestaurantsFresh Restaurants is another plant-based restaurant you must try. Their all-organic, 100% guilt-free menu and beverages will surely surprise you with how far from tasting only greens their food items are. From fares to cold-pressed juices, all are prepared with whole natural ingredients, perfect as an addition to your food picnic baskets. With over 20 years of offering plant-based foods, they have no doubt been giving energy and satisfying customers minus the guilt, leaning on more sustainability and eco-friendly service. Truly, your partner towards a healthier environment.

10. We Cater To You

picnic boards for family feast

Wondering what to put in your picnic baskets? Well, you might to stop now because We Cater to You can prepare all of it for you. From catering functions to wedding celebrations, parties, anniversaries to a simple backyard picnic bonding, they have everything for you. They also offer diet meals for the fit junkie, halal and kosher as well. The long list of services could go on, so we highly recommend visiting their website to go through every single one of them. Because this team is truly a company that caters to all.

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