If there’s something we all know about life, it’s that nothing ever comes easy especially for wedding proposals. These proposals mark the start of a big milestone in both partners’ lives as they both step forward to a lifetime together. Popping the question is not as easy as it appears to be but we believe that through thorough effort and preparation, you can easily rock that proposal and get that sweet yes.

The Ultimate Checklist for the best wedding proposal ever

1. Invest in an engagement ring

wedding proposal ring
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This ring plays an important role in a couple’s engagement. Finding the perfect engagement ring is not about going after the most expensive and most exquisite of them all. You can simply find the ring that speaks most about your partner and your relationship. As if guided by feelings and observation, you can find the best engagement ring by knowing your partner thoroughly – their preferred style and design – and working with your own budget.

Remember to be mindful of your choice because this ring will be forever important for the two of you. A promise of starting a life together – this ring should be also timeless and classic. Some couples prefer to go the sustainable route, so they opt for rings containing lab-grown diamonds instead of natural ones. You can learn more about these diamonds on Learning Jewelry’s site.​​​​​​​

2. Get the parent’s blessings

Before popping the question, it would be respectable to first get your parent’s blessings regarding your intention to marry your partner. It’s always best to meet them in person and share with them this important milestone you are pursuing. Once done with your parents, you can bring them along and meet your partner’s parents.

Share with them your intentions and plans for your future with their child. They will appreciate it if you could share also brief information about your proposal and the wedding. Show them your sincerity and you’re good to go. Let’s hope they’ll give their blessings!

3. Prepare for the main event

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Now that we got everything important off the table, we can now start planning the main event which is your marriage proposal. You can carefully step-by-step plan it out. Choose a location that is meaningful for the two of you – whether it’s where you met or where you two had your first kiss and so on. Don’t hold back on being romantic!

Once you’ve chosen a location, book a schedule if needed then order flowers and candles if applicable. You have two options here: go big or keep it simple. If you’re keeping it simple, you can just keep it cool and lowkey. But going big is not bad either, you can even have your families and close friends take part in the surprise.

4. Time the question right and write your speech

Since we’re almost good to go, it’s now time to play out the whole scenario in your head and decide your cue to pop the question. Whether it be in the middle of a cheesy conversation or a cute distraction could also work. The element of surprise makes this proposal even more special. Feel free to incorporate your quirks too!

But before you kneel down and propose, it’s also better to have a speech. Here, you can first talk about them and what makes them your ideal partner in life. Then, your life together and what awaits you two. Express your affection and let them know of your intention. Remember to end the speech with the million-dollar question: “Will you marry me?”

5. Let the day unravel the celebration

wedding proposal toronto checklist
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Finally, the big day has come and we bet you’re nervous but take a deep breath. You got this!

Certain things in life may turn out differently so it’s best to always expect the unexpected in a wedding proposal. Remember that sometimes, things don’t fall into the plan to make way for better things. Be quick on your feet and adjust accordingly. If it rained, dance together in the rain! Make this day memorable and celebrate.



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