A stunning venue for any event, The McMichael Canadian Art Collection boasts of its 100 acres of wooden landscape. Nestled in here are a couple of galleries and grand halls that couples can explore for their big day. The location overall exudes a cottage and outdoorsy vibe with the logs and wood details. This is perfect for couples who love nature and would appreciate a break from the polished venus and picturesque landscapes.

Rich in character, the ruggedness of the galleries and grand hall can be complemented by the softness of wedding decor detailings. Since wood and blooms are generally born from or part of nature, it wouldn’t be too hard to fuse these two concepts together. However, the challenge is how to keep it as authentic and visually pleasing as possible without being overboard. In case, we’re here to step in and help you have the wedding of your dreams without the fuss!

The McMichael Canadian Art Collection: Cozy Wedding Inspiration & Ideas

We recommend playing around with rainforest and deeply-coloured flowers for your bouquet and arrangements. Besides this, adding wooden elements and handicrafts to the table setting can also further contribute to a more cohesive look. However, the outdoor setup will need a different take since the furniture pieces are wooden furniture that is painted white.

We’ve been here a couple of times and we know the grounds better — our team can help you come up with a stellar setup for your big day! Though we have recommendations, we still want to know your vision so we can incorporate it and ensure to deliver your dream wedding.

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