25+ Modern Monochromatic Wedding Florals & Decor Ideas

Keeping the colour motif monochromatic can elevate the whole atmosphere and make the decor extra sophisticated. The soft transitions are also easy on the eyes and in a way calming too. Think about all white florals, or white florals with black decor accents, or white florals mixed with baby’s breath & orchids, here are 25+ Monochromatic-Themed Wedding Florals & Decor Ideas (2023 wedding hottest trend!) that you can check out and incorporate into your wedding day floral and decor concept.

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25+ Modern Monochromatic Wedding Ideas


1. White Roses Bouquet

White Rose Bouquet Wedding Monochromatic Flexed Roses
long-stemmed unstructured white roses bouquet
baby's breath bouquet

Keeping it straightforward and classic, you can opt for the full-round bride bouquet of one chosen bloom. Roses usually work perfectly for this kind of arrangement since there are multiple colours and tones you can play with.

2. Mixed blooms bouquet

baby's breath white fresh bride bouquet orchid bouquet white rose
baby’s breath bouquet mixed with white roses, ranunculus, lishianthus, orchids
white rose and orchid bouquet fresh
white roses with orchids bouquet
baby's breath bouquet

If you’re getting tired of using the same flowers, you can mix and match blooms with the same colour tone. You can add baby’s breath and some greeneries to balance but working with a minimalistic tone is basically simple yet impactful.

3. Flower crowns & corsages

Flower crowns and corsets are good options if you’re looking for something different for your bridesmaids. These can include various flowers in the same tone and give off a romantic and magical vibe.

flower crown baby's breath
baby’s breath flower crown

4. Flowing floral baskets

Staying away from the usual small bouquets for your entourage? Check out these lovely floral baskets that just flow out of the basket that delivers an authentic but impactful aesthetic.

5. Boutonnières

Boutonnière usually includes florals with the primary wedding colour tone. Feel free to mix and match different blooms or keep it simple with a coloured suit and a simple one-stem cut.

25+ Modern Monochromatic Wedding Florals & Decor Ideas
classic ranunculus boutonnière
Black and White Boutonniere for Wedding
anemone & orchid boutonnières

6. Pomander

Make the kissing ball extra sophisticated by using different blooms within the same monochromatic tone. Add a satin ribbon for extra detail too!

Arch and Backdrops

7. Floral Arch

Ideal with simple venues, a full-on flower arch often includes a mix of different flowers and greeneries. This is often used as a backdrop for the couple’s table. Also perfect for a photo booth, here’s Bellerose Blush & White Flower Wall Backdrop that you can rent.

clear acrylic chuppah white rose and orchid monochromatic arch
cascading hydrangeas, roses and orchid florals on top of acrylic arch

8. Full Floral arch

Often used to frame but add balance that haloes the audience’s attention to the couple, full-arch are often ideal for outdoor wedding ceremonies. VintageBash offers rental of their Jyoti Burgundy Blush U Floral Arch so you won’t need to look further for a fantastic full floral arch.

full baby's breath rectangular floral arch
full baby’s breath rectangular floral arch
white babys breath bouquet
baby’s breath with white roses accent floral arch
white rose baby's breath arch
hydrangea, white roses, baby’s breath arch
white green arch
white and green organic arch

9. Unstructured arches

There’s a certain charm and character unstructured floral arches.

white U arch white roses and baby's breath wedding arch
unstructured baby’s breath arch with rose accents
01 Monochromatic Wedding Inspiration 25+ Modern Monochromatic Wedding Florals & Decor Ideas

10. Pillars and columns

Another good monochromatic wedding floral and decor ideas are the use of pillars and columns. These may be wooden crates, ceramic columns, or metallic frames that complement the floral detail additions.

Floral Arch Pillar White Roses and Babys Breath Monochromatic

11. Floating arrangements

Now to elevate (literally) any venue, cloud arrangements are a go-to. These often use light flower materials and are hung to frame high-ceiling venues or stair railing and fill the space.

floating baby's breath
babys breath 25+ Modern Monochromatic Wedding Florals & Decor Ideas
stair railing baby’s breath

12. Garlands

If with a minimalist venue and opting for the arch, you might consider having garlands on the walls. These are good additions if the room seems a bit plain.

13. Yarn installation and tassels

Perfect for bohemian sophisticated setups, yarn installations and hanging tassels might be something you can explore. Different tones of yarn can be put together for elegant and monochromatic wedding decor.

14. Balloons Arch and Cloud Installation

If going for a pop of colour, you can never go wrong with balloons. These may be implemented as an arch or for cloud installations. At the same time, you can also add detailing such as ribbons, tulle, or even greeneries to elevate this further. VintageBash has put together the stunning Vivian Circular Arch with neon lights.

Table runners and centrepieces

15. Floral runners & Garlands

white table runner roses
baby's breath table runner
white roses orchid table runner monochromatic
creations by gitta elegant wedding magazine17 25+ Modern Monochromatic Wedding Florals & Decor Ideas

Perfect for head tables, family and long tables, a table runner is a stylist’s best friend since it’s already stylishly prepared and easy to set up on the big day.

16. Centrepieces

For simple or light-coloured flowers, switching normal glass vases to clear glass can further elevate the table setting. There are various forms and textures you can also explore.

white rose floral cluster
white rose floral cluster arrangements with black accent decor
white rose bud vase arrangement
bud vase rose floral arrangements
baby's breath centerpiece wedding
baby’s breath centerpieces at the Graydon Hall Manor
creations by gitta elegant wedding magazine22 25+ Modern Monochromatic Wedding Florals & Decor Ideas

17. Aisle Markers

Besides tying flowers to the chair, you can also use small clothes to decorate the chairs. During the ceremony, you can also add accents that’ll just look fantastic when the bride is walking down the aisle.

floating candles black white wedding
varied candles as aisle markers
pillar candles black white wedding
baby's breath runners

18. Candles

Going a bit extra, you can use candle in various styles that align with the monochromatic wedding decor concept.

monochromatic candles
monochromatic candles

19. Fruits

In some instances, fruits in the centrepiece look fantastic. These fruits are often citrus because of their fun colour and texture. You may keep them whole or add some sliced open on the side.

20. Tulle and napkin

The incorporation of tulle and napkin can also add depth and dimension to the whole table setting. Choose according to the colour palette and also consider the texture or pattern that stays true to the feel you’re going for.

Other creative ideas

21. Cake Accents

Add chosen blooms to your cake for a pop of colour. You can simply order a minimalist layered cake and just add flowers as accents.

monochromatic cake wedding
monochromatic-themed wedding cake surrounded with floating baby’s breath

22. Stationery, Welcome sign & Seating Charts

arch white seating chart
black and white arch seating chart
black white welcome sign black stand babys breath monochromatic
bar sign back and white
bar menu sign stationery
black and white welcome sign monochromatic wedding
black and white wedding welcome sign

Add a whimsical and elegant feel when your guests come in through monochromatic wedding floral additions to the welcome signs and seat plan.

23. Ceiling colourful cloths

Maximize the potential of high-ceiling venues through the use of colourful clothes setup alternately. You can work with the set wedding motif to keep it aligned with the whole decor.

24. Dining pieces and wine glass

A little but impactful idea you can explore. Opt for coloured dining pieces and wine glasses that complement the centrepiece. You may mix and match different pieces and textures depending on what you have.

25. Hanging wooden handicrafts

For indoor venues, hanging wooden handicrafts that can add dimension and texture to the setup. Different baskets and appliques may be added.


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