If there’s anything we learned from the past year and even now in 2022, it’s about appreciating the people around us more. We’ve been cooped up inside our homes and meeting with family and friends is not as it used to be. This mother’s day, let’s make the moms in our lives feel our love despite not being together and social distancing. We have for you the 10 best shops that provide Mother’s Day Cake and Treat Boxes in Toronto. Delivery services are very important and we’re glad to say all of these ships in and around the Toronto area. Nothing says “I remember you” more than a sweet gift on this special occasion.

  1. Floralbash

Mother's Day

Floralbash is a gem for special occasions. Aside from beautiful blooms and floral arrangements, they have sweet and savory Mother’s day treat boxes too. With a team of excellent florists and event planners, they have created special gift boxes that are absolutely perfect for occasions like this. They are flexible and most of their offers are customizable as well. Give a box of these goodies to all the amazing moms in your life and reserve your orders now.

  1. KACE Catering

KACE Catering

Being mamas is a tough job! On their day, give them the gift of great food. KACE Catering, a well-known company that services special affairs such as weddings and corporate functions, has a shop that brings their amazing food to different households. They are known for their sprawling grazing spreads in events. Now you can take these and gift them through their mouthwatering sweet and savory charcuterie mother’s day grazing boxes. They also offer three-course dinner boxes, sushi bake trays, charcuterie scones, and chocolate covered strawberry boxes, too. If this doesn’t send “love” we don’t know what will.

  1. VintageBASH

You don’t become one of Toronto’s best event stylists by chance. VintageBASH’s work speaks for itself. They now take their talent and skill in event design in floral arrangements that you can order for any special occasion. This Mother’s day, a bouquet – large or small, especially made by the VintageBASH team will surely make your mom’s heart melt.

  1. Baskits

Getting a gift basket is much like a child opening presents on Christmas day. It’s many little things in a curated package. This bag of goodies is surely something any mom would love. Baskits have partnered with different Canadian brands to give you different choices that will suit different personalities. Choose from their premade baskets or customize your own. They have amazing customer service and deliver anywhere in Canada.

  1. Sweet Flour Bakeshop

Sweet Flour Bakeshop

Sweet Flour Bakeshop’s mouthwatering pastries are known all over Canada. They deliver all across the country which means regardless of you’re provinces or cities away from your dear mom, you can still have a fresh batch of gourmet cookies and baked goods delivered to their doorstep. Sweet Flour Bakeshop doesn’t only make really good cakes, cookies, and pastries, they also have outstanding service. They will help you choose the best gift or surprise to make your Mother’s day gift extra special. What a delicious way to celebrate mom’s day!

  1. Yorkville

Thoughtful gift-giving can be done through Yorkville’s gift baskets. They have a large selection that ranges from flowers, curated food, and artisan products, as well as other gift ideas on their website. You can customize your own basket for the different moms in your life. Personalize your gift and choose products that will best fit the personality of your mom, sister, wife, grandma, or friend.

  1. Dufflet


Since 1975, Dufflet has been providing divine pastries and desserts for the young and old. They offer fresh cakes, gluten-free options, and a plant-based line as well. They make gift-giving incredibly easy with their tasty cakes and desserts that are enjoyed by everyone. This mother’s day you can give your dear mama her favorite pastries, pies, cupcakes and cookies from Dufflet. These are all made with premium ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

  1. My Baskets

My Baskets

My Baskets knows who your number one lady is and they’ve made elegant curated gourmet presents just for her. They have deluxe gift baskets that you can conveniently purchase online and have delivered just in time for Mother’s day. Choose their special mother’s day baskets or from their classic line. This includes wine and cheese, fruit gifts, and gourmet gift baskets. Shipping is free, secure, and your satisfaction is definitely guaranteed.

  1. Bobette and Belle

Bobette and Belle

Bobette and Belle don’t only give you amazing food and baked goods, they want everyone that tastes their products to have a unique and special experience. Their team makes sure to create the best pastries that will surely make anyone smile with content. Celebrate Mother’s day regardless if you’re together or apart with a Bobette and Belle cake or pastry.

  1. Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets

Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets have been around for over 35 years. They started the gift basket trend and continue to innovate their offers for their customers. From gourmet to sweet gift basket combinations, you can have one delivered in and around Canada and the USA.


The best Mother’s Day treats in Toronto

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