10 Best Mother’s Day Charcuterie Boards & Brunch Boxes in Toronto

Charcuterie boards and brunch boxes still remain as one of the go-to gifts or platters for all occasions because of two things – it looks and tastes good! Truly a feast in the eyes, these are indeed perfect for this coming Mother’s Day whether intended as a gift or a dinner with the family. Toronto has several noteworthy shops that serve these. Each delivers anywhere in Toronto, while some even allow curbside pick up! Without much ado, here’s a rundown of the ten best Mother’s Day charcuterie boards and brunch boxes in Toronto.

Best Mother’s Day Charcuterie Boards & Brunch Boxes in Toronto

1.Kace Catering

Brunch Board Mother's Day Toronto Delivery

Kace Catering is a  premier catering company in Toronto that is known for their superb food offerings that not only looks good but tastes as good as well. They source ingredients from local farmers and premium suppliers. Their charcuterie boards come in several sizes that can cater up to 7 people. Easily customizable, they are very conscious and mindful of their client’s dietary restrictions. However you want your food to be, Kace Catering will ensure that you are happy and full.

Besides their charcuterie boards and grazing boxes, they also offer brunch boxes that can be delivered anywhere in the area. These usually included yummy pastries (muffins, macarons, waffles, etc) and select cured meat or smoked salmon. The contrast in taste is indeed apparent but surprisingly a great and interesting food experience.

2. Floral Bash

Brunch Boxes in Toronto Grazing

Known for its breathtaking and classy floral arrangements, Floral Bash now offers unique gifts. They are also a go-to for brunch boxes in Toronto. Ideal for a surprise, these boxes are artfully arranged inside a premium box. Each box includes choice bread and pastries from croissants, muffins, yogurt parfaits! Such a delight, right? What more if it also includes smoked salmon, cured meats, and cream cheese – a magnificent delight indeed. Choose whatever size suits you best. They can cater to a maximum of 7 persons for the largest size.

3. Platter This

Run by a duo who are extremely passionate and creative in styling food, Platter This eventually built a reputation for their charcuterie boards. Their boxes assure three things: local, fresh, and delicious. Mindfully of the ingredients – its colour,  taste, and texture – they consider this for the board styling. With their flair for presentation, they built quite a reputation in the neighbourhood.

4. Olive & Fig

Influenced by Greek culture, Olive & Fig is one of the go-to for charcuterie boards and brunch boxes in Toronto. They prepare each platter with care, stays true to the Greek’s love for olives, cheese, and bread. Besides this, their cured meat and other additions are sourced from local but of high-quality farmers and suppliers. Completing the whole grazing experience, they artfully style this that will surely leave anyone in awe.

5.The Grazing Ace

The Grazing Ace Charcuterie Boards

A true ace, The Grazing Ace arranges one of the best charcuterie boards and brunch boxes in Toronto. Perfect for Mother’s Day, your mom will surely love how breathtaking the platter is. Run by a duo as well, these sisters work together on bringing not only great food but encourages a remarkable time spent together as well. Put together with care, they use locally sourced ingredients ensuring that each is fresh, seasonal, and as organic as possible. A go-to for events, they curate individual boxes to huge party-sized platters.

6.Grazing Platters In The 6ix

However you want the platter to be, Grazing Platters in the 6ix delivers up par to excellence and beyond. They have a comprehensive selection of charcuterie boards and brunch boxes in Toronto that is indeed ideal for Mother’s Day. Go all out and select which suits your mom best. They have a special charcuterie board curated for this special occasion but you can go with the vegan option too. Besides this, they also have event boxes – fruit, brunch, or even the sweet unicorn option.

7.Cheese Meez

Cheese Meez brunch boxes in Toronto

One word: refreshing. Cheese Meez delivers a refreshing take on the usual charcuterie boards and brunch boxes in Toronto. They experiment with colour, texture and taste. Also encouraging you to customize your own board, they empower customers who are more particular about what goes on their food. Their boards and brunch boxes are artfully platted and adorned with flowers. The aesthetic gives off a laidback and Hawaiian vibe.

8.Cured Catering

Cured Catering delivers straight to the point, no-frills charcuterie boards. Choose the perfect size and packaging to go with. They have boxes, trays, and even one shaped to a number if you’re up for it. Each includes artisan cheese and select cured met cuts paired with crackers, baguettes, olives, nuts, etc.  Also, they have bundles you can go for which may be a flower bouquet or another dessert box.


10 Best Mother's Day Charcuterie Boards & Brunch Boxes in Toronto

A premium choice for the best mom in the world. Sapori takes charcuterie boards and brunch boxes in Toronto to a whole new level. They take pride in their homemade charcuterie and locally-sourced cheese. Definitely homey at the same time unique, each is curated with care and artfully put together. Besides this, they also have the option to go all-in meat or just cheese. Talk about flexibility, right?

10.Platter Up

Elevate the whole platter experience with Platter Up. They offer comprehensive selections of charcuterie boards and brunch boxes in Toronto. Choose which size suits your need best and what you’re thinking of having. Whether it be their curated cheese and cured meat styling or brunch boxes with gourmet sandwiches, crackers, etc.

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