Do you believe in guardian angels? Well, wonder no further because mothers are considered one! With their ultra-powerful intuition, they know best and can almost discover anything! On top of that, their love and strength are incomparable to anything in this world. For these and more reasons, they should be celebrated in every possible way. Got you in the mood in sending Mother’s Day flowers and gifts on a normal day? Why not!

Show your gratitude and appreciation for the unconditional love your mother or wife has given you and your children. This coming Mother’s Day, sending flowers and gifts are just among the few ways you can express your appreciation towards her. Made easier and safer, most flower shops have been offering same-day delivery and accept last-minute orders. So read on our list below to help you choose your Mother’s Day flowers and gifts and for any upcoming special occasion.

1. FloralBash

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Pink Peonies
Pink peonies in womans hands. Beautiful peony flower for catalog or online store. Floral shop concept . Beautiful fresh cut bouquet. Flowers delivery.
Mother's Day Flowers Torontoflowers markham 10 Best Shops for Mother's Day Flowers and Gifts in Vaughan & Nearby AreasMother's Day Delivery Flower BouquetPeony Box TorontoIt’s a miracle whenever mothers nurture and give life. With that, sending Mother’s Day flowers and gifts is just the most simple way we can pay homage to their sacrifices. With FloralBash’s dedication to creating only the best floral arrangements, expressing your utmost gratitude will be delivered. Offering pastel-colored and rich-toned hand-tied bouquets, boxed flowers, and even delectable treats such as cheese and charcuterie boxes, your mother will surely feel the adoration you have for her. Products they offer start at $35.00 CAD. So visit their website to choose the best gift for your mom!

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  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave West, Unit 5B, Toronto, Ontario M3K1Z9

2. Wisteria Floral Design

Mothers know best so they only deserve the best! Gift them the finest flowers in town from Wisteria Floral Design. This flower shop creates heavenly Mother’s Day flowers and gifts fit for a wonder woman like our moms. Committed to providing only the top-notch arrangement for their clients, anyone will definitely be left with utter satisfaction. Starting at $21.00 CAD, this shop also offers other gift options such as fragrant candles and puzzles that could come along with their beautiful floral arrangement. Check out their website to see their product collection!

3. Jennifer’s Flowers & Gifts

Send your mom to an over-the-moon experience with Jennifer’s Flowers and Gifts’ floral design. This premium florist has been in the industry since 1999. Taking pride in its expertise, this flower shop has been creating Mother’s Day flowers and gifts that will surely impress your wife, mom, aunt, and even your granny. Offering arrangements in a variety of palettes, you can choose from arrangements that are priced at below $50.00 CAD. What a good deal, right? In addition, this shop is comprised of professional and dedicated florists who give their clients a prompt and friendly service. Truly a smart place to shop for Mother’s Day flowers and gifts, you have to check out their website to see more of their products!

4. Wild North Flowers

Mother's Day flowers and gifts from Wild North Flowers Inspired by the colors of spring – like mothers giving birth to a child, Wild North Flowers creates majestic arrangements fit for a queen. Any arrangement from this shop translates into magic and beauty – perfect for Mother’s Day flowers and gifts and other special occasions. Their signature style truly stands out, specializing in contemporary European garden-style arrangements that can surely sweep off clients’ feet. The whimsical arrangements they offer start at $105.00 CAD. Aside from this, you can also purchase add-ons with varying options such as chocolates and candles to name a few. For a magical experience, explore their website to learn more about their service and products.

5. Botany Floral Studio

Botany Floral Studio offering Mother's Day flowers and giftsMothers are sometimes understated as blessings. So this Mother’s Day, don’t miss your chance to show how much you love and value them! Botany Floral Studio treads slowly to become eco-friendly and sustainable. What a better way to send Mother’s Day flowers and gifts with a purposeful shop, right? Aside from flowers, they also offer plants and all things botanical! Their signature arrangement consists of timeless blooms, ferns, twigs, pods, flowering branches, berries, succulents, and foliage. The green plants they offer start off at the price of $16.50 CAD while florals mark from $25.00. So it’s not a surprise that their distinct design stands out from the florists in the neighborhood. Stop by their website to see more of their signature arrangements.

6. Toy Florist

Toy Florist does not only create luscious floral arrangements but is inspired by love and sincerity. For this reason, they have been successful in delivering satisfactory designs for their clients. Taking pride in their innovative approach, they specialize in European arrangement, contemporary, and traditional styles. Ranging between elegant soft-pastel palettes and vibrant warm tones, this shop is committed to creating fabulous designs. Perfect for the upcoming Mother’s Day, you can purchase one from $44.99 CAD and up. Visit their website to see more of their designs.

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  • address: 65 Martin Ross Ave #7, North York, ON M3J 2L6, Canada

7. Tatiana’s Flowers Shop and Decoration Center

Tatiana's flower bouquetsEmpowered moms deserve a statement flower arrangement. If you want to impress your mother-in-law, Tatiana’s Flowers Shop can definitely do the job for you! This shop has mastered the blending of vibrant and jewel-toned flowers and as a result, their floral designs seem to resemble a real-life painting. On top of that, they also offer their signature design “Art Orchids” that glows up to 72 hours and could last up to three weeks  – perfect as a Mother’s Day gift! Learn more about their products by clicking their website below.

8. Pistil Flowers

Pistil Flowers perfect for Mother's Day celebrationOur mothers were there whenever we need them. They braved the pain of giving birth, picked us up and held us in their arms when we cried, spent countless sleepless nights to care for and raise us. And what better way to celebrate their sacrifices by gifting them stunning floral arrangements from Pistil Flowers! Drawing design inspiration from clients or the occasion, this team of florists is dedicated to tailoring unique arrangements – perfect as Mother’s Day flowers and gifts. Truly a haven for sentimental clients, they offer premium quality designs starting off at $60.00 CAD. Such a good deal, right? Head onto their website to see more of their arrangements!

9. New Bloominghill Flowers

Our childhood memories will never be the same without our mother’s pure love. Send your mom a beautiful nostalgia of your childlike innocence with New Bloominghill Flower’s arrangements. Your Mother’s Day flowers and gifts will be definitely elevated with the top-notch and creative styles they have in-store. Providing service for any kind of occasion, this flower shop can definitely spruce up space or your mom’s tabletop. Offering arrangements for as low as $43.95 CAD, you can definitely melt your mom’s heart any day of the week! Click their website below to brighten up someone today!

10. Select flowers

Compliment your mom and your in-law by purchasing from Select Flowers! Not only do they have the expertise in floral arrangement but they also dive into textures and personal sentiments. They perfectly combine depth and light in their design which results in a breathtaking arrangement that will surely put a smile on your recipient’s face. Starting at $49.95 CAD, you can send blooms to your loved one’s doorstep without any occasion! Swing by their website to browse their designs!

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