Now that your big day is happening in less than a month, the true wedding craze is going to start. And if you think the crazy is over, expect more for this upcoming last month is even crazier. Here, we laid out a checklist to cover everything you need to do one month before your wedding day. Keep your sanity intact and get things done one at a time to prevent overwhelm.

Going through a checklist can help you stay grounded in times of panic and overwhelm. This will also keep you from going through a spiral of rollercoaster feelings and hopefully let you stay relaxed until your big day. After all, being well-rested would surely help you feel and look good on your big day. Without further ado, here is the checklist that you can check out.

One Month Before Your Wedding Checklist

  • Enter the RSVP Replies into your Guest Database – By doing so, you will have a bit more time for changes. You should ensure that additional or lesser guests would be accounted for.
  • Get your Marriage License – After all the planning from previous months, this is important to the point that we ensure that you have filed for a marriage license because this would be a disaster if you were not able to do so!
  • Mail the Rehearsal Dinner – Invite everyone on board and ensure to proceed with the rehearsal dinner. This will help you be assured that things will go smoothly as planned on the dinner.

rehearsal dinner wedding day checklist one month before

  • Drop a Visit to Your Dressmaker and Pick Up Your Dress – This is of course a no-brainer. Go ahead and check if the gown still fits because this would be really a problem if not. Grab the dress if it fits but if not, you still have time for readjustments.
  • Settle Final Payments and Reconfirm Vendor Arrivals – Since vendors will be taking major roles in making your wedding a success, it’s great to reconfirm booked schedule so things will not get awry last minute. Also, the wedding is almost around the corner so settle payments to avoid late fees and penalties.
  • Finalize Wedding Day Timeline – It is also important to finalize your wedding day schedule to keep everyone in the bridal party in the loop and working within schedule.

wedding day checklist one month before cards

  • Email Directions for All Vendors and Guests – To ensure that no one gets lost on the day itself, be proactive and email a few reminders including the direction to the venue.
  • Purchase Bridal Party and Parent Gifts – In order to show gratitude for the people who are important to you and your partner, you can spare a bit of your time to get them gifts.
  • Write Vows – Of course, this is something you must not forget. Allot time for writing vows if you still haven’t.
  • Pack for Your Honeymoon – Since the wedding day will be busy, it’s also nice to be ready and have everything packed especially if you’re leaving straight after the wedding.

These are the last few errands you need to run before your big day. It may be short and some may seem redundant but it’s always nice to reconfirm with everyone if they’re still in the loop. It pays off greatly in the end if you are proactive in aligning everything into the plan.



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