10 Best Online Floral Design Classes & Courses of 2024

Do you want a change of career that will showcase your artistic side? You might as well enroll in a floral design course. If you are meticulous, have a sense of style, and adore different kinds of flowers, then being a florist might be the best career for you.

Florists need to have a deep understanding of their craft. That is why we have gathered the 10 best online floral courses for floristry students. These online floral classes give a detailed overview of the skills, methods, and techniques needed for success as an efficient florist.

10+ Best Online Flower Schools

1. VintageBASH (V Flower School)

Are you passionate about flowers and dream of crafting stunning floral arrangements for weddings? Your journey to becoming a skilled wedding floral designer starts here. Join the waitlist for our sister company, V Flower School’s Exclusive Wedding Floral Design Programs, and transform your passion into a rewarding career. We offer a variety of online and in-person programs and workshops designed to elevate your floral design skills to new heights. Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your love for flowers into a flourishing profession!

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2. Skillshare

What makes Skillshare stand out is its collection of features, which include reviews and course previews.

The floral courses available on Skillshare are perfect for those who want to learn more about the art of flowers. Their flower design course is a great option for those who are hobbyists or already have some experience in designing flowers.

Regardless of whether you want to start your career as a florist or not, taking one flower design course is worth it. If this interests and excites you, then try Skillshare before enrolling in any other floral class.

3. Udemy

Udemy is another great site to find courses on any topic you are interested in a floral design course. You can search by course type or instructor profiles, and they provide reviews of each one so that it is easier for students like yourself to ensure the teachable skills match up with your interests.

Their flower classes range from around $25-$100 any flowers or supplies are excluded. This is a more hobby-oriented option for those who want their flower arrangements looked at as art rather than just another way of giving decorating style points.

4. Penn Foster Career School

You can become a skilled floral designer with the help of Penn Foster Career School in five months. Their program includes seven floral courses, such as Design Tools and Basics. You will be assigned a dedicated success coach who will help you achieve your floral design goals.

5. Ashworth College

Ashworth College offers an excellent educational opportunity for those interested in floral design. Their flower workshop is available to students at all levels, so no matter what your current level of knowledge, there will always be something new and exciting waiting just around the corner.

Also, Ashworth College offers a great opportunity for those looking to advance their career and learn new skills in a flower design course.

6. Floral Design Institute

The hassle of going through all that traveling time and expense may find the new online floral design certification program from The Floral Design Institute appealing. It allows you to learn about cutting-edge floral designs in your area without leaving home.

6. American School of Flower Design

The American School of Flower Design is an institution that has produced countless successful floral designers. Learn from the best with floral courses taught by Michael Gaffney and ideal for beginners looking to start an independent career path.

7. Team Flower

Team Flower offers a fun and engaging learning environment for aspiring florists. They have created an online community of 2,000 members on their website while also leveraging social media platforms such as Instagram where they currently manage 50K followers.

8. ICS Canada

The ICS Canada Floral Design Career Diploma program is a challenging and satisfying career that can be completed in just six months. With this online floral course, you will learn all the knowledge necessary for working your way up from floral designer at an assortment shop or even start your flower shop.

Website: https://www.icslearn.ca/programs/creative-design/floral-design

9. Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy offers an online floral design course. In this course, you will learn the theory behind the floral design as well as various techniques for working with flowers while designing your custom flower arrangement in just 2 weeks.

10. Alison

The Alison: Diploma in Floristry Course offers a comprehensive introduction to the skills required for success as a floral designer. Their flower design course focuses on the fundamentals of floral design and how it ties into your everyday life, plus invaluable insight for anyone who ever considered turning their passion into something more.

Also, you will learn more about plant varieties and arrangement techniques so that you can produce top-quality work without any prior experience or training.

Take your floral design to the next level!

The most skilled floral designers are those who continue to learn and grow, constantly seeking out new knowledge.

Florists are more than just someone who can design flowers, they are artists. They use creativity and knowledge of flower design to suit the requests or needs of their clientele. Florists are usually found working in shops such as grocery stores that have a floral section on-site, or local businesses that specialize in flower arrangements.

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