10 Best Shops to Order Dried Flower Arrangements in Toronto

Dried flowers are somehow a glimpse of how time machines look – wilting stopped, only to boast a different version of beauty. And when put on your countertops, these dried flower arrangements are perfect as home decorations too. Their long-lasting appearance can undoubtedly transform any space into a rustic-looking, Bohemian style. Not to mention, how low-maintenance they are. Unlike fresh flowers, dried florals only need to avoid direct sunlight (to stop further wilting) and dusting every now and then. Nonetheless, they are super easy to take care of!

So, if you want to elevate your space without the responsibility and a beautiful aromatherapy at home, here are 10 of the best shops to order dried flower arrangements. These flower shops offer their services in Toronto, GTA, Ajax, Concord, Vaughan, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Kleinburg, Milton, Stouffville, Pickering and beyond.

10 Best Shops to Order Dried Flower Arrangements in Toronto

1. Floralbash

Pink Dried Floral Arrangement

dried flowers torontoDried Pampas Flower Arrangement Toronto Home DecorPeople often think that wilted, dried flowers are monochromatic – but Floralbash will prove you wrong. Nestled along Sheppard Avenue in North York, this flower shop offers a variety of options for dried flowers. From monochromatic, mute yet elegant looking flowers to youthful and vibrant looking palettes, they got you covered. Each arrangement this team of florists creates is guaranteed high-quality, made with love and passion for aesthetics. Perfect in livening up your space, you’ll surely love their Boho-chic style. But you have to hurry, these beauties sell out quickly. Order dried flower arrangements now!

  • website: www.floralbash.ca
  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave W, Unit 5 Toronto, Ontario M3K1Z9

2. Vintagebash

Dried Floral Arrangement Pampas

Located in North York, Vintagebash is a full-service event and wedding company that creates picture-perfect backdrops, decorations, styling, and more. The good news is, they also offer a wide array of dried flowers in a la carte selections for centerpiece rentals, perfect even as gifts and home decors. Be it a minimalist color scheme or a more colorful one, they have it in-store for you. They also take pride in offering friendly and prompt service. With their countless of satisfied clients, they will surely go beyond your expectations.

  • website: www.vintagebash.ca
  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave W, Unit 5 Toronto, Ontario M3K1Z9

3. In Bloom Flower Shop

 Dried flowers, cotton, bunny tails, dried flowers

Though dried flowers are basically – dead, In Bloom Flower Shop can make them look and feel alive. This team of flower experts specializes in traditional and modern styles, hand-selecting and carefully creating arrangements that look ethereal using premium quality blooms and foliage. The dedication of this team is evident in each hand-crafted arrangement they offer. You can order dried flower arrangements with soft white and cream hues with different varieties of florals and foliage, mini bouquets with 2 to 5 varieties of elements, and more. Truly, staying true to their brand, In Bloom Flower Shop can make any space bloom.

4. Pictus Goods

dried bouquet DIY kits

Prepare to be mesmerized with Pictus Good’s amazing range of product collections. Located in Dupont, this shop offers premium dried eucalyptus, bunny tails, dried Anahaw leaves, baby’s breath, and more. They also offer dried lavender bouquets that are to live for and mixed dried flowers that look unique and vibrant. Aside from those, they also have DIY dried flower packages so you can unveil your creativity! Fun, right? This can be a perfect bonding between families and friends, especially during this pandemic. You can choose from their mixed tones or neutral schemed flower arrangements, whichever you have in mind, you’ll definitely find it with Pictuc Goods.

5. Wild North Flowers

dried flowers in vase

Wild North Flowers will bring you all the magic you thought you already knew. Their impressive collection of everlasting flowers will surely make you feel like you’re in a fairytale. From the traditional bunny tail bundle to monochrome arrangements to pastel ones to fragrant lavender bouquets to exotic-looking arrangements. You will surely find an arrangement fit for you. This shop’s team of experts use at least 8 varieties of flowers. The result? A magical arrangement, nothing short of whimsy – unique from any other. So what are you waiting for? Order dried flower arrangements from this shop now – before they are all sold out.

6. Wilbe Bloomin

dried bouquet of flowers

Wilbe Bloomin can make your corner blushing with their beautiful floral arrangements. Be it a fresh one or their dry one, they have the talent and mastery in blowing you away. All of this shop’s designs are soulfully hand-crafted to ensure you feel the dedication and passion. They always involve their in every design they create, by asking for notes and preferences so they can achieve the vision and make it into a reality. The dried floral arrangements are not only perfect for home decors but are also perfect as an executive gift, welcoming party, and even for wedding ceremonies.

7. Hanako Floral Studio

order dried flower arrangements

Bring joy through dried flower arrangements from Hanako Floral Studio. This shop will prove that with flowers, withered does always mean lifeless and gray, they can retain their essence and radiate a different kind of beauty for everyone to enjoy. The experts behind this team create cute, colorful mix of dried flower baskets and hand-tied bouquets. Most of this florist’s dried bouquets are made from cotton and baby’s breath, infused with other dried elements such as foliage, eucalyptus, twigs, and more. And if you’re fond of South Korea, you will surely find this shop’s designs irresistible.

8. Flower Accents

Beauty comes in many forms. And dried florals and greens from Flower Accents definitely have a spot. Dried flower designs from this company look straight out of a fantasy book. They offer high-quality a la carte cotton, pampas in various sizes and colors, dried wheat, white bunny tail grass, dried cream Glixia, and more. You can also opt for their dried floral bunch for ready-to-go aesthetic home decors. Be it for cottage core vibe or overflowing elegance, this company surely has it for you.

9. Holland Dried Flowers Ltd

Who doesn’t want a bouquet that could last forever? Holland Dried Flowers Ltd offers subtle rustic elegance that elevates any space. Established in 1986, this shop offers an extensive range of product selections with over 700+ items that are perfect as gifts, home decors, even for wedding and event decors. They offer these items in wholesale, so, if you are looking for ways to save more or are thinking of starting your own business. Apart from that, this company boasts its knowledgeable and helpful staff who are always willing to attend to you and assist you.

10. Flowers by CC

deep colored dried flower arrangements

Design your space with dried flowers that can last all year long. Flowers by CC is a flower shop located in Unionville that takes pride in its premium quality blooms. These experts offer an array of dried blooms and arrangements varying in sizes, color palettes, textures, and motion. Be it in a la carte bundles or a full bouquet or vase arrangement, this team has it in store for you. Among the dried flowers and foliage they offer includes bunny and pampas grass in different colors, varieties of dried flowers, dried ruscus, and more. The arrangements they have are often put in equally beautiful vases and interesting containers such as domes, Aside from items fit for home decors, they also offer services for weddings and other special events.

  • website: www.lowersbycc.ca
  • address: 139 Main St Unionville #103, Unionville, ON L3R 2G6, Canada

If you have a fresh bouquet of flowers at home, you can use them as decors but you’re unlucky, there are shops that you can order from. Their florists create arrangements as well so browsing through Pinterest is no longer needed. In addition to that, you can also be creative by adding essential oils to have an instant aromatherapy in your space. Cool, right?

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