5 Plant Shops To Buy Pretty Planters for Outdoor Plants in Toronto

Outdoor plants require planters that are sturdy and durable to withstand the different weather changes. This doesn’t mean you have to settle with bland and monotonous containers for your garden or lawn. There are outdoor planters that are made to be long-lasting and stylish.

Don’t let your indoor plants get all the pot loving. Here are our top 5 picks for plant shops where you can buy beautiful planters for the outdoors.

Greenville Designs


If it’s planters you need, Greenville should definitely be on your list. They carry over a thousand different styles, colors, and sizes of Jay Scotts Collection fiberglass planter pots and custom metal planters, too. Do you need a customized container? Say no more. They have rectangular planters up to 100 inches in length and round planters up to 60 inches high and 44 inches in diameter. These are all available in 16 different colors at no additional charge. They also have cubes, globes, spirals, and other different shapes, too.

Fiberglass planter pots are suitable for Canadian weather. They are designed to have a two-part epoxy automotive-style paint to prevent fading for many years. Choose from a satin to glossy finish, depending on your personal taste. These are also meant to be lightweight but long-lasting. With styles ranging from classic and traditional to contemporary, ultra-modern, and sleek, you have absolutely all you need for your outdoor plants.

website: https://greenvilledesigns.com/
address:1295 Kamato Road Mississauga, ON L4W 2M2

Plant World

Plant World

Plant World is a company with quality as its priority. From their plants to the containers they carry, everything is curated to make sure that you get the best of the best from their store. Their planters are not only an expression of your personal style or theme, these are designed to provide the right environment for the plants to grow in.

Talk to their very helpful staff to determine the best container for you. They have glazed ceramics in vibrant colors, their most popular outdoor crescent containers in multiple styles, colors, and sizes, they also have clay pots, plastic, concrete, and cast-iron. Take your pick and get that garden makeover you’ve always wanted.

website: http://www.plantworld.net/
address: 4000 Eglinton Avenue West, Etobicoke, M9A 4M2



Barracuda carries crescent resin garden planters in different sizes, colors, shapes, and styles. They have skillfully bridged design and functionality in each one of their products. They are lightweight but extremely durable.

Barracuda has a catalog that gives you extensive design options that are perfect for home, commercial, or event use. You’ll find that each planter is aesthetic and can be used both indoors or outdoors to complement any space and plant you have.

website: http://barracuda.ca/
• address: 209 Geary Avenue Toronto, Ontario M6H 2C1

Floral Bash

From a team dedicated to providing all things pretty to different Canadian households, Floral Bash offers only the most tasteful planters for your outdoor needs. As beautiful as their flowers, bouquets, and plants are, you’ll also have containers that match each perfectly.

Whether indoor or outdoor, your plant babies will have complementing homes that will look great in any space.

website: http://floralbash.ca
address: 1230 Sheppard Ave West, Unit 5B, Toronto, Ontario M3K1Z9


VintageBASH’s timeless style is reflected in all aspects of their shop. From their rentals to their flower arrangements, plants, and containers, you will find products that are classic and chic. These will suit any place and fit your stylish personality.

Contact their expert designers to get ideas on how to beautify your space using their planters today.

website: http://vintagebash.ca
• address: 1230 Sheppard Ave West

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