Rich in history and proud luxurious architecture, Palais Royale is a dance hall in Toronto that became a prime spot for any kind of social event within the city. It exudes an old-romance vibe which makes it perfect for fairytale weddings. Originally built in 1995, this venue had its revival this 2005 still staying true to its art deco style. Its cream and platinum colour tones make it a good base for various wedding concepts. There are also aged wood and original barrel-vaulted ceiling details which add a sense of the past to the space.

Since this is a popular dance hall long before its reopening, the dance floor is still the star of the show and sits in front of a new stage and state-of-the-art sound and lights. As if bridging the time before with today’s technology, this sits comfortably in Lake Ontario and welcomes each guest with its promise of a good time.

Palais Royale: Luxurious Wedding Inspiration & Ideas

Elevate the elegance of the venue with cascading flower arrangements or tall floral installations on the sides. As for the seats, you can also add lovely tiffany chairs in metallic finish. If you’re opting for a more ethereal approach on your big day, floating blooms would sure do a great job.

Perfect for fairytale romantic weddings, we can help you make your vision come true and ensure that your big day will be remarkable not only for the guests but for the couple too. Let us know your vision so we can get started.

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