Whether it’s a minimalist, modern, rustic, classic, or bohemian wedding theme, your wedding decor can make or break the motif. Many concepts come and go over time. Our years in the industry have taught us one thing about styling, sticking to elegance, regardless of theme, is timeless.

Pampas grass is not new in the world of events. Stylists and florists have been using it for many, many years. It has recently grown in popularity as its neutral color makes it incredibly versatile. It can be added to different parts of the décor and it can even be dyed to add flair. We’ve always found it to be an understated chic piece that we’ve loved using since we began our styling journey. When used right, it is an impressive addition to any wedding theme.

Here are some great dried pampas grass inspiration pieces that you can draw from for your wedding day. Beautiful and classic, just the way we like it!

  1. Wedding Bouquet

Pampas Wedding Bouquet

Photo: Marry Me Tampa Bay

The wedding bouquet is the piece that ties the bride to the theme. It breaks the monotony of the white gown. The bouquet is a lovely component that completes the bridal look. Incorporating pampas grass in the arrangement gives it a unique and special touch. This is ideal if your venue will have pampas grass as part of the décor, too.

  1. Wedding Arch

Pampas Dried Wedding Arch

Pampas Wedding Arch

Pampas Grass Bohemian Wedding Backdrop

Photo: Belle The Magazine // Floral Design: THE ROSEHIP & BERRY 

The wedding arch is the central décor of the ceremony. Pampas grass adds beautiful texture when used with flowers or other decors. You can also use it alone, as seen in the photo. It works wonderfully with any arch type and shape. It definitely adds a boho-chic vibe that looks divine in person and on photos.

  1. Statement Structure

Pampas Grass Backdrop

Alison Events

1st photo by Lost in Love // 2nd photo: CHRISTINA MCNEILL; Event planning and design by CANDICE EDINGER OF ALISON EVENTS; Floral design AMANDA VIDMAR DESIGN

There is always a focal spot for events. It could be a wedding arch during the ceremony or a statement structure during the reception. Below, you can see that they used pampas grass as the core piece for the posts. Though simple, the designer was able to make it the highlight of this set-up.

  1. Photo Booth Area (Photo Wall)

Pampas Photo Booth

Pampas Wall

photo source: Hello May

You may want to rent out a photo booth or create a photo area for your guests to take pictures in. Make your photo area extra special when spruced up with pampas grass. Depending on the color, it can be used for a variety of motifs. In its original neutral color, it works well for a country, boho, or whimsical. When dyed in pastel colors, it’s a great part of classic or dreamy set-ups. Dark colors give it a more dramatic vibe.

  1. Aisle Markers

Aisle Marker Pampas Grass Wedding

Pampas Grass Wedding

Photo: Lilly Red // Planning and Styling: La Iaia // 2nd photo: Lost in Love

Imagine the bride’s reveal and the walk down the aisle. It might just be the most dreamy part of the wedding program. Style the aisle with pampas grass to add a more magnificent feel to the whole scenario. It’s beautiful and makes the bridal walk look all the more whimsical.

  1. Unique Altarpiece

Altar Pampas Dried Bohemian Backdrop

Photo: Carlie Statsky // Design by Christine Cater // via Green Wedding Shoes

The beauty of weddings is that you can design it to be exactly your own. Every day, there are new ideas from sensational to classic. Wedding styling never gets old. You can create your own unique wedding piece using pampas grass, too. The photo above is a great example of a special altar design. There are no arches, instead, they made a circular pampas grass and floral arrangement. Gorgeous!

  1. Table Centerpiece

Pampas Flower Centerpiece

Bloomberry & Co.

Tida Svy | www.tidasvy.com

Photo: ALMOST MARRIED Studios // Planning, Linens & Decor: Hazel Boivin Events // Flowers: Bloomberry & Co.

Centerpieces can be striking or minimalist. In both scenarios, pampas grass is still a great way to add character to the table setting. Use it as an eye-catching tall table piece or place it discreetly among flowers either as a runner or a small showpiece.

  1. Cake

Lattle A’s Cakery 

Pampas Cake
Tida Svy | www.tidasvy.com

Photo: Georgia Rachel // cake: Lattle A’s Cakery // via: Rock My Wedding

Adorn your cakes with pampas grass for a distinctive feel. We love this look for outdoor or outdoor themed weddings. Such a nice addition to make it feel so boho and natural-chic. It makes your cake a part of the whole wedding vibe which ties the whole event together nicely.



  1. Hair Piece

Valentina Oprandi

Photography, Project, and Design: Valentina Oprandi 

Pampas grass can also be part of the bride’s crowning glory! If you’re going for a more “wild” or “natural” look without giving the “very put together” vibe, adding pampas grass to your hair accessory gives it the boho-chic style of your dreams. It’s another pretty addition that unifies the theme of your wedding.

  1. Boutonniere

Pampas Boutonniere Buttonhole


How stunning is this pampas-style buttonhole? Just as the bouquet is important to the bride, so is the boutonniere for the groom. Adding the same elements from the bouquet to the groom’s boutonniere gives a more cohesive look to the couple. It’s a beautifully textured piece that will look good against any type and color of the fabric.



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