Reception time is also the time for guests to marvel at the style of your venue. This is the culmination of all the months of planning and brainstorming. If you want an extra wow factor, make sure you have gorgeous centerpieces that match the overall theme of your wedding day.

Flowers will always be beautiful but adding bits and pieces of different elements make the table-scape even more fabulous! We’ve gathered 10 exceptional reception looks that used pampas grass as part of their centerpiece. Observe how each is unique and discover how this versatile décor piece can transform even the simplest events to become stunners.

  1. Tropical Haven

Henry + Mac

Photo: Henry + Mac, Design Ryan Design, Floral Design Hana Floral

Using traditional weaves of different rattan lamps along with white flowers and greenery, the stage was set-up for a tropical and city chic theme. It’s a combination of wild elements but styled with very clean execution. The addition of tall glass vases with large pampas grass as focal centerpieces alongside pampas grass ceiling fixtures, it really set the tone for the whole motif.

  1. Classic and Modern Juxtaposition

Sarah Kate

Photo: Sarah Kate via Style Me Pretty

From the choice of chairs and cutlery, you can see that the motif is classic. But the brick walls and steel structures on the ceiling of the venue provide a juxtaposition for the set-up. It’s classic with a modern twist. The stylist added more contrasting elements using tall pampas grass with greenery as centerpieces for the long tables. The result? A hip and stylish reception.

  1. Color Me Pretty

Laura Moll Photography

Photo: Laura Moll Photography, Floral Design: Foxglove & Heather

We love how the neutral color of the pampas grass works so well with different flowers and colors. For this table-scape, the stylist made use of cute metal jars as vases for the smaller pampas grass. Using a tall frame, they placed a magnificent arrangement of flowers with pampas grass to make a breathtaking centerpiece.

  1. Monochromatic Beauty

LA76 Photography

Photo: LA76 Photography, Event Design Mariana Idirin, Floral Design Pina Cate

Monochromatic and clean, the centerpieces used were the same cream tones. Did it look plain and boring? Far from that, it looked absolutely dazzling. Monochromatic has never been more attention-grabbing than this. Using a combination of fresh and preserved with different flowers and leaves, it makes for a true centerpiece showstopper. The pampas grass was strategically placed in between these floral arrangements for a wild and raw look that turned out to be truly sophisticated and polished.

  1. Country Chic

Anneli Marinovich Photography

Photo: Anneli Marinovich Photography

Not all reception set-ups need to be grand. A beautiful arrangement on a simple vase can still be quite a looker. If your theme is more of the effortlessly chic style, ask for different florals for your centerpiece. A touch of pampas grass can make it look embellished and full. Easy but definitely pretty.

  1. Category is: CLASS

Valentina Oprandi 

Photography, Project, and Design: Valentina Oprandi 

Understated class, is the name of the game. Using taper candles and classic tableware, the centerpiece is so posh with dried florals and pampas grass. No elaborate pieces, just the tasteful elegance that’s fit for this wedding theme.

  1. Boho Bonanza

Shane Shepherd

Photo: Shane Shepherd | Wedding planning + styling: The Events Lounge

Rustic glam, country chic, and a beautifully designed wedding. Centerpieces need not be the only thing to concentrate on for your reception styling. Using floral arrangements on the floor as well as the ceiling area adds more drama and style. Pampas grass was used to add the needed “oomph” to make this reception look dashing from the ceiling down to the floor.

  1. Pastel Dreams

Chris & Becca Photography

Photo: Chris & Becca Photography | Floral design by Designs by Ahn | via Love Inc

What’s more charming than baby pink? When used properly, it can look really flattering as a wedding motif. Using different shades of pink contrasted with rose centerpieces and pampas grass, the whole set-up looks so appealing. Truly spellbinding!

  1. Glamour


Photo: ALMOST MARRIED Studios | Planning, Linens & Decor: Hazel Boivin Events | Flowers: Bloomberry & Co.

How mesmerizing are these floral centerpieces? The combination of dark and light shades are captivating alongside the cutlery and candles. The addition of different colored pampas grass adds texture and character for a more enchanting look.

  1. Homey Details

Samantha Davis Photography

Photo: Samantha Davis Photography, Florist Clair Lythgoe, Venue Stylist Fundoo Weddings

Dainty and dreamy, the tent’s high ceiling in company with the grand table setup made this reception a picture of perfection. The wood looks so good with the centerpieces made up of red and orange-hued flowers, greens, and neutral colored pampas grass. There’s just no denying it, the pampas adds a dash of taste and elegance that puts it all together.

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