Regardless of your theme, your wedding day should be about you and your partner. No matter how beautiful everything is, we’d like to think that you should be the central point, the prime focus of that day. Take the time to talk to your designer about your head table. It should be the highlight of the styling in the same way that your union is the main feature of the day.

  1. Pampas Floor Embellishments

Nicole Leever Photography

Photo: Nicole Leever Photography, Floral Design Coco Rose Design

One good way to use pampas grass for your head table is by placing them on the floor as embellishments. As seen in the photo, the design allows the guests to see the newlyweds well without large centerpieces on their table. The pampas grass, however, still gives the stylishness needed for the head table to stand out.

  1. Pampas Ceiling Embellishment

Chris & Ruth Photography 

Photo: Chris & Ruth Photography | Planning and Design: Tie the Knot Santorini

Did we mention how versatile pampas grass is? If it looked good as floor embellishments, look at it as ceiling ornamentation. How pretty is that setup? Overlooking the ocean, fairy lights surrounding the couple, and a big pampas grass arrangement to tie everything together. Truly Magnifique!

  1. Colorful Shabby Chic

Brogen Jessup Wedding Photo 

Photo: Brogen Jessup Wedding Photo | Florals: Bluebell Florals

Simple weddings are their own version of beauty. You’ll see it in the details. Here, we see a mixture of boho and shabby chic strewn together with colorful pieces. The bright-hued flowers with the flashy carpet make the head table a looker. The flowers are toned down by pampas grass which makes everything blend together impeccably.

  1. Pampas Table Runner

Ashley Bee Photo

Photo: Ashley Bee Photo, Flowers Sweet Pea Floral Creations, via Ruffled

What a way to faultlessly put together all the elements of a reception. This head table was designed to a T. You can appreciate all the wooden pieces and the pampas table runner adorned with rich red-colored flowers make for a dramatic theme so pristinely done.

  1. Classic Pampas Head Table

Compass Floralvia Compass Floral

A classic pastel flower moment with greens was made even more charming with the addition of pampas grass. Proteas and pampas grass look stunning together. They were both placed as adornments and as part of the table runner. It gives a more elaborate vibe to the area of the head table.

  1. Pampas all over

Brogen Jessup Wedding Photo

Photo: Brogen Jessup Wedding Photo | Florals: Bluebell Florals

If you’re head over heels with pampas grass, you can take it and surround your head table with it. This couple used it in their floor embellishments as well as their backdrop. The boho vibe was definitely achieved. The pampas grass even gives it a whimsical feel, too. A dreamy set-up perfect for a wedding.

  1. Pampas Backdrop

Photo: Uriel Photography, Floral Design – Cana Collective

Because pampas grass is multipurpose, the same backdrop you used for your ceremony can also be used as a backdrop for your head table during the reception. That’s a bang for your buck, indeed. Look at this rustic themed wedding. The flowers look so good with the wooden pieces and the backdrop with the pampas grass gives the “oomph” you need to be the center of attention on your most special day.

  1. Industrial Boho Wedding with Pampas

Elena Popa Photography

Photo: Elena Popa Photography, Pampas Grass installation: Wonderland Invites

A modern and industrial themed wedding can still use some elements to add softness and romanticism into the arrangement. The striking white walls and high ceiling of the Winding House were somehow subdued by the delicate feel of the pampas grass surrounding the head table. They used it as floor embellishments as well as a focal piece on top of the frame. We love how it created a contemporary and hip feel to the area.

  1. Minimalist country

The Farmer and Iflower Co.Photo: thefarmerandiflowerco

As you can see, the simplicity of the setup is evident in the sparseness of décor. But, using décors as key pieces make for a lovely setup. The large pampas grass ceiling decoration is just as captivating as the whole reception arrangement.


  1. Eclectic

Green Wedding ShoesPhoto: greenweddingshoes

This wedding was an eclectic beauty. All the details were absolutely fabulous. The head table is just as fun as the couple. Using classic and diverse pieces, they made it look fashionable and hip. The flowers, cacti, carpet, classic chairs, and pampas grass mesh together to form an astonishing decorative work that will be remembered for years to come.

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