Hosting weddings since 1976, Paradise Banquet Hall is no doubt one of the favourite venues in the area. Their banquet halls take pride in their luxurious interior complete with crystal chandeliers, intricate wall detailing, high-ceiling, and intricate fixtures. With the colour tone leaning towards white and gold, it’s easy to transform the halls further into a more personal setup for the couple.

They also have lovely tiffany chairs and tables included in the package. You can just focus on dressing up the place in line with your dream fairytale aesthetic. Keeping this easy and convenient, there is also an available bridal suite adjacent to some of the halls. Moreover, their halls come in various sizes so you can select based on the potential number of your guests. There are also outdoor areas where you can first hold the wedding ceremony.

Paradise Banquet Hall: Spectacular Wedding Inspiration & Ideas

With spectacular and intricate banquet hall designs, you may need to amplify and curate decorations that align with the aesthetic set. Go for floral centrepieces and thin candlesticks for a more premium look. At the same time, tapestries could also help frame the space and direct the attention of the crowd to the couple. Keep it simple and avoid going overboard to keep the setup as sophisticated and effortless as possible.

Lovely on its own, you can explore the readily available inspirations for Paradise Banquet Hall weddings. This can help you smoothen the ideation process and ensure that we get to craft a wedding floral and decor that’s aligned not only with the venue but also with your vision.

Let’s get to planning!


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