Paradise Banquet Hall: Spectacular Wedding Inspiration & Ideas

Hosting weddings since 1976, Paradise Banquet Hall is no doubt one of the favourite venues in the area. Their banquet halls take pride in their luxurious interior complete with crystal chandeliers, intricate wall detailing, high-ceiling, and intricate fixtures. With the colour tone leaning towards white and gold, it’s easy to transform the halls further into a more personal setup for the couple.

They also have lovely tiffany chairs and tables included in the package. You can just focus on dressing up the place in line with your dream fairytale aesthetic. Keeping this easy and convenient, there is also an available bridal suite adjacent to some of the halls. Moreover, their halls come in various sizes so you can select based on the potential number of your guests. There are also outdoor areas where you can first hold the wedding ceremony.

Paradise Banquet Hall: Spectacular Wedding Inspiration & Ideas

About Paradise Banquet Hall

Paradise Banquet Hall is a renowned wedding venue that is dedicated to bringing couples’ special day to life. With three generations of family-run operation, they have the knowledge and experience to provide a seamless and stress-free wedding experience. Situated in Vaughan, Ontario, the venue offers convenient access from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with major highways in close proximity. Guests will also appreciate the availability of free on-site parking and a wide selection of nearby hotels.

Wedding Services At Paradise Banquet Hall

Paradise Banquet Hall offers a range of services and features to ensure that couples’ wedding day is nothing short of perfection. Here are the highlights of their offerings:


  • Classic Ballroom
    • An expansive ballroom adorned with breathtaking chandeliers that create a warm and elegant ambiance.
    • The ballroom can accommodate up to 420 guests with a dance floor, providing ample space for celebrating with family and friends.
  • Prince
    • An intimate space with floor-to-ceiling windows that fill the room with a warm evening glow.
    • Designed for smaller gatherings, it has a capacity of 110 guests, offering an intimate and cozy atmosphere.
  • Queen Anne
    • This space boasts high ceilings, a dazzling chandelier, and ornate fixtures, creating a spectacular setting for wedding celebrations.
    • With a capacity of up to 220 guests, it offers a grand and luxurious ambiance for couples seeking an elegant affair.
  • Queen Mary
    • The Queen Mary room features an elevated staged backdrop, perfect for enhancing any decor and vision.
    • It can accommodate up to 260 guests, ensuring ample space for guests to enjoy the festivities.
  • Queen Victoria
    • With its high ceilings and ornate fixtures, the Queen Victoria room provides a stunning setting for any celebration.
    • Designed for more intimate weddings, it has a capacity of up to 180 guests, offering an intimate and charming atmosphere.
  • Grand Queens
    • For couples seeking the ultimate gala wedding experience, the Grand Queens space combines three ballrooms. The capacity is 1000 guests.
    • Complete with three bars, three bridal suites, and three extravagant chandeliers, it offers a truly grand and lavish celebration.
  • Garden
    • In addition to their glamorous ballrooms, Paradise Banquet Hall also offers a lush outdoor garden.
    • The garden provides couples with the option of a unique indoor-outdoor wedding experience, blending natural beauty with elegance.

Menu & Services

  • Customize your celebration and wow your guests with a memorable gourmet meal created by our in-house chefs. Choose from our creative selection of dishes spanning all tastes and flavours before savouring every bite, from cocktail hour hors d’oeuvres to delightful late-night bites.
  • Their in-house pastry chef can bring couples’ dream cakes to life, customized with their preferred flavors, colors, and themes.
  • Wedding Consulting
    • From the first contact until the last guest departs, Paradise Banquet Hall’s expert team guides couples every step of the way.
    • Their in-house consultants work closely with couples, focusing on every detail to ensure a seamless and magical experience.
    • They assist in selecting the ideal Paradise venue, curating the perfect menu, and exceeding expectations with unforgettable moments.

Paradise Banquet Hall is committed to making couples’ wedding day a truly memorable and magical experience. With their attention to detail, range of services, and stunning venues, they create an atmosphere where dreams become reality.

Floral & Decor Packages for Paradise Banquet Hall

With spectacular and intricate banquet hall designs, you may need to amplify and curate decorations that align with the aesthetic set. Go for floral centrepieces and thin candlesticks for a more premium look. At the same time, tapestries could also help frame the space and direct the attention of the crowd to the couple. Keep it simple and avoid going overboard to keep the setup as sophisticated and effortless as possible.

Lovely on its own, you can explore the readily available inspirations for Paradise Banquet Hall weddings. This can help you smoothen the ideation process and ensure that we get to craft a wedding floral and decor that’s aligned not only with the venue but also with your vision.

Let’s get to planning!


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