10 Best Party Platters for Family Feasts in Toronto and GTA

Hosting the next family party but you don’t want to do the cooking? We know what it feels like to have a party and organizing it from decorations, foods, platters and all the nitty gritty details of it. Well, what if we say that you could feel like a guest in your own party? That would relief you by a ton, right? The good news, there are numerous places in Toronto and GTA that offer high standard food platters perfect for family celebrations and other special events.

Food has the power of bringing people together. Whichever the reason is, every time there’s food on the table, joy will be present in each family member and guest. The restaurants and catering companies we are featuring deliver right by your doorstep and some even offer staffing service options for a truly indulging experience.

So, here are 10 of the best restaurants and catering companies serving party platters for family celebrations, corporate affairs, and all kinds of events without further dilly dally. Most of these restaurants serve the surrounding areas in Toronto and GTA such as Ajax, Concord, Vaughan, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Kleinburg, Milton, Stouffville, Pickering, and beyond.

10 Best Party Platters for Family Feasts in Toronto and GTA

1. Kace Catering

lunch boxes, family platters Kace Catering offers more than the typical catering service you’ll encounter. Remember when we said you can feel like a guest at your own party? Well, this full-service catering company definitely has everything when it comes to bringing that experience. From sumptuous food options that are conscious for your your health and diet to impeccable customer service of their staff, every detail will be ticked off. You can also opt to add beverage such as wine, champagne, and even a dedicated driver if you’re planning a scheduled surprise party.

2. Blairs Catering Inc

party platters for family feastsWho doesn’t want party platters for family celebrations drenched with oozing flavors? We definitely do and Blairs Catering can prepare it for you. This one of a kind catering company takes time to prepare each flavorful meals. As a result, all them comes out oozing with goodness and appetizing look. Aside from family platters, this Brampton based team also provides service in weddings, corporate affairs, and other special events. They even have buffet menu for a large-scaled celebration.

3. The Living Platter

grazing platter for family partiesWith so much colors going around our life and we tend to not to appreciate them. Well, The Living Platter does, and will make you realize how vibrant food is. Specializing in plant-based/vegan platters, this shop will surely make your eyes pop and you taste buds flutter. Not only you get the bliss of eating healthy platters but you can also feel alive on how beautiful the colors of their platters have. So, if you’re looking for fresh and eye-popping platters, The Living Platter will help definitely help with that.

4. Lesley’s Party Sandwiches

finger food platters for familyReady to bite treats and sandwiches? We love that! Lesley’s Party Sandwiches prepares them beautifully and in the most flavorful way. This place serves them in boxes or bags – depending on your choice and COVID proof too. Lesley’s individually packed sandwiches are also perfect for family picnics, tea parties, baby and bridal showers, and more. Since we can’t enough how simple yet tasty this place’s sandwiches are, we must mention how this place is famously known for its crust-free sandwiches that has won the title of “The Best Sandwich” for over 20 years.

5. Pepperberry Catering And Events

platter for family celebrationsPepperberry Catering And Events’ cuisine are prepared passionately so it’s best to share it with family and friends. But if you want an intimate dinner with someone special, this company can also prepare a course good for 2. This catering is well-known for serving high-quality, exploding with flavors gourmet cuisine that makes all customers filled to satisfaction. They take pride in its diverse menu prepared with seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. Leaning to a more sustainable service with their eco-friendly approach.

6. Ida’s Kitchen

party platters good for 4Ida’s Kitchen has a deeply rooted passion for food. Like an art, this company prepares each food with creativity, professionalism, and unique attributes that has proven to satisfy clients. Ida’s Kitchen is inspired by international flavors and specializes in experimenting it with other unique flavors and cuisine. Taking pride in their amazing fusion of gourmet cuisine with a twist, this team of dedicated individuals tells stories through delightful food course, bringing more value to lifestyle and has been successfully catering to countless of events.

  • website: www.idascatering.ca
  • address: 2 Bloomfield Trail, Richmond Hill, ON L4E 2H8, Canada

7. Lisa Shamai Cuisiniere

Lisa Shamai, sumptuous plattersLisa Shamai Cuisiniere will make everything easy for you. Be it a birthday party, an engagement celebration or simply party platters for family to share, this place will graciously prepare and serve for you. From finger food fares to hot buffets to packages to cater for any kind of event. Also, they offer freezable options if you want to save the food later and heat it by yourself. It only gets better, as they serve vegetarian and gluten-free fares as well! Talk about options, right? There are more reasons to love this catering company, but it’s best for you to experience it yourself!

8. L-eat Catering

small bites platterIf you’re looking for a list of catering company to try that copes well without losing their culture in spite of the difficult times, L-eat Catering definitely secures a spot. This team of committed individuals takes pride in bringing nutritious and comforting food that tastes like home. With their keen attention to detail and knack for serving high-quality food, they have been successfully established a reputable name in the industry. Aside from exceptionally prepared dishes, this company also offers events planning services for weddings and other celebrations.

9. Cookery Catering

family feast plattersWhen you have Cookery Catering for your next party, expect a tremendous amount of uniqueness brought to your table. This company consists of individuals who are travelers and adventurers. That’s why the cuisine they offer are truly diverse and inspired by the world and experiences they’ve had. This allows their customers to have an immersive experience as well, as if they were actually there themselves. Combining all these with creativity and dedication, their service screams exquisite hospitality, Cookery Catering boasts itself for having a well-balanced of service and culinary experience, making it a place every body should have a try.

10. Muncheez Creperie

platter good for family and friendsMuncheez Creperie is a must try restaurant that offers distinct dining experience. Holding true to their brand, this shop serves crepes with different varieties you can choose from. Perfect for people on the go and families who want to have a quick bite for the day. They also offer refreshments that are surely thirst-quenching and desserts that are out of this world delectable. Known for preparing and serving “always with love”, Muncheez Creperie is truly a must-try place.

  • website: www.muncheez.ca
  • address: 6983 Yonge St, North York, ON M2M 3X9, Canada

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