If you’ve chosen the beautiful and unique Peter Pan Bistro as your wedding venue, and looking for just the right decor inspiration to bring your vision of a perfect day to life. Whether you’re going for timeless elegance or lighthearted fun, we’ve got plenty of ideas that will fit the bill. Check below for what we’ve done for Shelby’s wedding:

What do you think?

Fresh anemones, eucalyptus, blush roses with lots of romantic candle lits…. oh my.

One way to give your wedding reception at the Peter Pan Bistro an extra dose of charm is to choose a theme that fits with the magical feeling of the venue. You could pick sophisticated garden style wedding, or you could go for something more subtle wedding theme with lots of pastel colors and whimsical touches. You can even have all your guests dress up in costume if you really want to get creative!

With its unique character and ambiance, Peter Pan Bistro is already full of charm – but with these decor suggestions, your wedding reception can be truly magical.

Whether its themed decorations or special lighting effects; making sure every detail is planned out can make all the difference when it comes time to celebrate such an important day with your friends and family. We hope our tips help bring your dream decor vision into reality so that everyone enjoys themselves – no matter how young (or old) they may be.


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