Make the most out of celebrating your milestones in life by capturing these through photographs. As special as it was and will be, photographs remind us of how we lived and keep moments we do not want to forget closer in our hearts. One best way to make an event remarkable is by securing a photo booth rental so everyone can bring home photos to look back on, years from today. With several photo booth rentals in Toronto, we rounded up the 10 Best Photo Booth Rental Companies in Toronto.

10 Best Photo Booth Rental Companies in Toronto

1. RAD Photo Booth

RAD Photo Booth Toronto 10 Best Photo Booth Rental Companies in Toronto

RAD Photo Booth is a local photo booth that caters to the whole GTA. They sure can help you bring to life your dream event that not only looks great in photos but is also something that will be remembered over time. Moreover, they have quality cameras, decors, and props that you can utilize depending on the event theme. Not only photo booth services, but they also deliver video booth services as well that’s perfect if you and your guests prefer more interactive outputs.

2. fotobits

A good photo booth rental provides its customers with a satisfying, fun, and memorable experience. Fotobits ensures that they always give their clients good service by deploying quality equipment, customization of backdrops and templates, while also providing fun and entertaining props for the guests. To prevent cramming into a small space, they also set up an open-air area for more people to join in too.

3. Snaptique

snaptique photo booth rental

Classy and hand-crafted photo booths are what you need in an event. With their themes from modern to vintage, Snaptique surely has enough quality cameras and fun props to make the experience even more memorable moment. Furthermore, they also offer a wide variety of photo booths to choose from. There is even a 22 foot 1957 Airstream Caravanner or a 1974 VW Vanagon Bus converted into stunning vintage photo booths perfect for outdoor events.

4. Picturex

Want something that also supports boomerangs? Picturex got you! Their booths with high end and quality service sure make any event more memorable. Perfect not only for birthdays but these can also be booked for corporate and social events too. Their offerings also have multiple options to explore so you can find something perfect that first your budget and needs.

5. My Selfie Mirror

my selfie mirror photo booth rental

My Selfie Mirror is one of the best photo booth rentals in Toronto that you can consider for your next event. They provide you with a magical mirror that takes pictures. Wondering how that works? You need to book the first to experience this firsthand and understand it. Moreover, they also supported various corporate events and causes too. Not only a great activity to add to your program but this can also be something unique all will remember for years to come.

6. SDE Weddings

Choosing a reputable and well-known service is a thing when it comes to selecting a perfect photo booth rental service for your event. With their reasonable prices, high quality, and good customer service, SDE Weddings guarantees to provide you with remarkable service. They have three packages you can check out and see where you can work with.

7. Mango Studios

mango studios

A studio that has been servicing clients for a decade, Mango Studios will surely give you satisfaction with its quality service. They go out of their way to get to know their clients. Moreover, they also understand how relevant stories are in weaving a setup they can be happy and proud of. Doing so allows their clients to have pictures that captured your moments perfectly, in the best and most genuine way possible. After each event, they prepare a presentation that will surely make you feel nostalgic too.

8. GTA Booth

If you are looking for a photo booth rental company in Toronto that fits your budget but still guarantees the quality of their service, GTA Booth will be a good choice. Offering an all-day booking, they sure got you for the whole event and your guest will also love their extensive backgrounds, props, and camera flexibility. More than photos, GIFs and boomerangs are also supported.

9. Koolpicx

koolpicx toronto

Events such as weddings, school dances, or corporate events would be more entertaining with a photo booth. This will be perfect especially if your guests keep a memory from the event. Koolpicx ensures that their clients will give their service with quality but at an affordable price. There is a wide variety of equipment you can choose from and backdrops to make it more fun.

10. Soapbox Booths

Soapbox Booths offers an interactive and unique experience that their clients can enjoy and preserve moments in a once in a lifetime celebration. Entertaining, renting Soap Box would sure add something remarkable throughout your event. More than just a space to get souvenirs and capture moments, a photo booth also encourages spending more time together and bonding. Photos are undoubtedly one of the best ways to look at and relive a moment even from just a look.

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