10 Best Photography Studio Rentals in Toronto (Ontario)

A key ingredient to a successful photo shoot is the setting. A great space can be transformed to look any way you want it. Great lighting, space, and equipment are some factors that can make a studio standout. Toronto’s culture is heavily reliant on artists and their special talent. It’s not surprising that the city is home to some of the best studios around today.

You can use these studio for commercial photo shoots, branding shoots, creative projects, pre-wedding photo shoots, newborn, product photography and more.

  1. Bellamy Loft

photo studio torontoToronto Photographer

Every aspiring studio had to start somewhere. Bellamy Loft may be a new kid on the block. However, its meteoric rise to prominence may just be a sign of its future potential as a premier photography studio in Toronto.

Doubling as a boutique event space, Bellamy Loft is a versatile property perfectly suited for photoshoot sessions of all kinds. What they may lack in experience, they certainly make up for in passion and ambition. Choose Bellamy Loft and watch how your photoshoot defies expectations.

  1. Mint Room Studios

Mint Room

Having an elegant venue with natural lights is always a plus for any photoshoot. For that reason, Mint Room Studios is a great choice for those looking to create a memorable engagement session with the partner to be.

Elegant and yet brimming with potential, Mint Room Studios has a lot on offer. They have many different rooms with a variety of customization options to complete the vision you have for the shoot. Without a doubt, Mint Room Studios is a solid choice you won’t soon regret.

  1. Inkast Studio

Inkast Studios

Another spacious and well-lit studio, Inkast gets the bright and open just right for your photography needs. It is conveniently located along Leslie St. Inkast has been a common hub for aspiring and professional photographers in and around the Toronto area.

Indeed, Inkast has been a staple in the local photography community. It’s available facilities and equipment rentals within the studio are several and varied. They cater to whatever the photographers may need. If it’s a photographers studio you’re after, then Inkast will be right up your alley.

  1. THAT Toronto Studio

THAT Studios

If you’re looking for tried and tested, THAT Toronto Studio should be a consideration. As the popular household name in photography studio rentals in Toronto, THAT Toronto Studio has that competitive edge as the go-to for your photography needs.

Certainly, THAT Toronto Studio has come a long way since it was founded in 2016. Studio-owner Daniel Camer continues to provide a quality studio rental experience while allowing proceeds to help sponsor youth groups of the community.

  1. AstroLab Studios Inc.


If trendy and well-equipped is something you’re looking for, AstroLab Studios Inc. should on top of that list. They are the only soundstage studio in the Downtown Toronto area. In addition, they also have a large inventory of on-site lighting and various photography equipment to support your photography projects.

Located at the Lot at Revival Film Studios, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better-equipped studio than AstroLab. Each studio has bi-colour LED space lighting as well as extensive choices of grips. Not to mention full electrical support for your equipment. AstroLab is a powerhouse studio made with the hardcore photography enthusiast in mind.

  1. Album Studio

Album Studio

Sophistication and lighting are what Album Studios specializes in. With 4 different studios to choose from, Album Studios makes a case for the most versatile photography studio rental on this list. Operating from Greary Avenue, Album studio employs the blank canvas approach to the benefit of photographers or videographers.

As a full-service studio, much of the necessary equipment to conduct a professional photoshoot is made available here. Lighting, grips, support tools, and other related equipment are all available for rent. Indeed, Album studios pride itself on getting the details right so you can concentrate on getting the job done.

  1. SHVRK Studio

SHVK Studio

Famous among product and fashion shoots, SHVRK Studios is a classy choice for sophisticated shoots. With a big open 1000 square feet of space, there’s so much potential to bring your creative vision to life in this decorated studio.

SHVRK Studio has some impressive furniture sets available to bolster the backdrop of your photo sessions. Classy and elegant are the words to describe a SHVRK shoot and you’re definitely in line for a memorable experience.

  1. Vintage Light Studios

Vintage Light Studios

Arguably the most eclectic studio in this list, Vintage Light Studios may tickle the fancy of vintage enthusiasts. Being a large 1800 square foot studio, there’s so much potential in this creative space to make your vision a reality. Their arsenal of props includes vintage furniture, a high ceiling, and richly textured backgrounds. Vintage Light Studios may give your photoshoots that added unique flair that may not be at all possible with other studios.

Classy and elegant shoots are in store for you here. The studio also has a large amount of natural light, making the images and colors pop in your photos. Indeed, Vintage Light Studios is the choice for discerning photography enthusiasts

  1. Neighborhood Studio

Neighborhood Studios

Neighborhood Studio boasts of state of the art facilities that can accommodate any type of shoot. Photographers and models can freely execute their vision in space like this. You can opt to use Studio 1, 2, or combine both to have a bigger studio 12. Whatever is required for your photoshoot, you can make it happen in Toronto’s backyard, Neighborhood. By all means, make this your new go-to shooting space.

  1. Studio 202

Studio 202

A beauty blessed with natural lighting and high ceilings, Studio 202 is indeed a space suitable for different types of photography. Use it for high-fashion, editorial, food, family, or engagement photos, It is fully equipped with C, boom, and light stands. To create your perfect backdrop, they also have seamless paper is also available for rent.



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