10 Best Places for DIY Meal Kits in Toronto (Ontario)

Enjoying take-out meals and ready-to-courses? Surely, because who wouldn’t? It takes away all the mess and time spent preparing plus, it could be a great and unique alternative for kitchen bonding. Not to mention, if you have days you just want to skip all the chopping, perfecting flavors, and everything in between, meal kits are your way to go. These food products also lets you get to enjoy an immersive encounter with different types of cuisine. This allows you to appreciate it more and even enjoy it with the company of friends and family. What a different way to bond this season, right?

Meal kits are really special. Most especially for people who value authentic dining experience. Though some may think it’s instant food made fancier, there’s a whole new world and magic with the pre-packaged items you’ll get. You can even let your imagination run wild, as you can also try to be your own chef, creating your own version of foods. Exciting, right?

We know you’d like to try one for your self. So, here in this article, we are featuring 10 of the best places around Ontario for the best do-it-yourself meal kits that could near you. These shops and placest offer these ready-to-go meal kits in Toronto, GTA, Ajax, Concord, Vaughan, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Kleinburg, Milton, Stouffville, Pickering, and beyond.

10 Best Places for DIY Meal Kits in Toronto (Ontario)

1. Kace Catering

meal kitsHigh-quality ingredients combined with concerned service. That’s what you can expect from a high-quality, full-service catering company like Kace Catering. This company serves food that are stuffed with only the freshest and premium ingredients in both local and international market. They wouldn’t take mediocre catering for themselves, as they always outdo their service, be it an individually packed meal kit, a three-course meal for two, or a big-sclae wedding or corporate event. Serving a wide variety of dishes that are proven high-quality, Kace Catering is surely a must-try.

2. General Assembly Pizza

General AssemblyPizzas are staple food for nights you want to celebrate and days you want to lift yourself up. This comfort food of many can even be your medium for the creative output of flavors. If you’re in it for a pizza adventure, General Assembly Pizza is the perfect shop for you. This pizza shop offers do-it-yourself pizza meal kits that will surely give you an elevated pizza night with family and friends. More cheese? Thinner crust? More pepperoni? Whatever you want to do! Your kitchen, your rule. Well, do we need to say more?

  • website: www.gapizza.com

3. On The Run Meals

pre set meal kits and meal plansSometimes, healthy foods can be time-consuming when prepping them. But don’t you know that On The Run Meals can help you with that? Not only you eat healthily, but it also saves time. This shop offers macro-nutrient meals without uncompromising the flavors. Taking pride in their team of chefs with years of experience, it’s no surprise to dig in with healthy and gourmet meals. Apart from that, you’ll love this place for serving with sustainable intentions through locally sourced ingredients, recyclable packaging, and perfectly portioned DIY meal kits. So, next time when you want to eat healthy right away, OTRmeals is your best bet.

  • website: www.otrmeals.com
  • address: 55 Nugget Ave, Scarborough, ON M1S 3L1, Canada

4. Union Chicken

piri piri herb chicken meal kitDon’t you love some fried chicken, especially when they just came out from the pot? Union Chicken is the place that makes you love fried chicken to the extent where you would clean each piece right through the bone. Choose and pair it with their side dishes that heightens more the flavor and spice, oh boy what a heaven! We’re drooling just as we write this. Union Chicken will unite your heart and mind into one. So for your next family feast, this place is a must. They are also convenient and accessible as they have three locations in Toronto.
  • website: www.unionchicken.com
  • address: 65 Front Street West, Toronto, ON
    25 The West Mall, Etobicoke, ON
    17600 Yonge St, Newmarket, ON

5. Sala Modern Thai Kitchen & Bar

modern thai pad meal kitsEating authentic Thai dishes is one of the ways to be connected with Asian culture. And if you’re planning to do so, make sure you eat some really good and authentic Thai restaurants so that you get truly indulge in their tradition and culture. Perfectly represented through culinary expertise Sala Thai Kitchen is an authentic Thai restaurant that only offers high-standard sourced ingredients prepared exceptionally and with a twist. But experiencing Thai cuisine through your own hands and taste is a whole different experience. That’s why this restaurant offers their signature dishes in pre-portioned and pre-packed meals so you can prepare them on your own. What an immersive experience, right?

6. Patois Toronto

doubles meal kitsReal Asian comfort food comes with good soul food and Patois Toronto is doing it just like that. With their drooling soul food menu, you can never go wrong exploring flavors while filling your tummy with some comforting Asian cuisine infused with Mediterranean signatures. What a lovely combination of cultures, do you agree? This place is holding true to their brand, by offering cuisine with different cultures infused and blended all together. To further elevate the flavor and experience, we suggest you pair their main dishes with some spirits – you’re welcome.

7. Drake Commissary

smoked brisket meal kitThe Drake Commissary definitely knows how to please a crowd. For this, a meal kit good for 4 is already a no-brainer for them. This restaurant takes pride in its homestyle smoked brisket that truly brings people closer together. From freshly baked bread to mouthwatering pizza of the night to flavorful smoked meat and complementing sides, they got it in perfection down to the smallest detail. Aside from those they also offer the ultimate options for churning, baking, smoking, fermenting, and more in their Larder Shop. Truly, a shop you must know!

8. La Carnita

grilled chicken taco meal kitTaco nights with friends are always a good idea, right? But sometimes, sourcing out quality ingredients and preparing them to bring out the extreme flavor, you have to spend more time and energy. But when La Carnita comes into the picture. This shop will strip off the supposed time and energy you’ll be spending. Don’t spoil the night, let art, music, and good food seep into your tummies and soul. La Carnita is a restaurant you can count on if you are deeply craving for the three basic necessities of life. Dynamic and innovative, you’ll surely love this place.

  • website: www.lacarnita.com
  • address: 501 College St, Toronto ON – 106 John St, Toronto ON –

9. Chadwick’s Craft Kitchen and Bar

taco diy meal kitsFood tastes better when shared. That’s why we suggest you invite friends and family when you get Chadwick’s Craft Kitchen and Bar’s cuisine. Their meal kits let you move at your own pace and time. So next time the urge for good food kicks in, make sure you’ve stocked up some ready-to-eat, pre-portioned meals kits from Chadwick’s. Not only you have a guarantee that the food is safe and fresh from the pan, but you also get the chance to be inventive with the ingredients available for you.

10. The Carbon Bar

smoked brisket diy meal kitWorried about the quality of a certain cuisine you want to try? Well, if you’re thinking of Texas-style barbecue, seafood, and steak. The Carbon Bar is the perfect place for you. This restaurant will take away your worry of getting premium quality ingredients as they have DIY meal kits readily available for you. They prepare it with elegant ingredients, pieces, and sauces. Meticulously pre-prepared so get to enjoy their cuisine as if you brought home their exquisite hospitality.

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