This lockdown may have given you time to browse through magazines or online articles to see homes lush with greenery and beautiful landscaped gardens. If you find yourself wanting to recreate that for your own space, we’ve got some amazing shops for you to check out.

Whether you’ve always loved greenery at home or you’re looking to make your space more relaxing, these 5 shops will have you covered. The neighborhood of North York has many local businesses that have a good selection of plants for you to check out. Succulents, pots, soil, indoor, or air plants, give these 5 Toronto shops a look, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for in their stores.

  1. Sheridan Nurseries  

Sheridan Nurseries

Sheridan is truly one of the stalwarts of Canadian plant shops and nurseries. They have been providing high-quality products, thorough services, and an excellent customer experience. They have an incredibly wide selection of plants and a highly-knowledgeable staff that is willing to assist you in any way possible.

Sheridan Nurseries is Canada’s largest grower of hardy nursery plants. Visit their shop or browse their website to find seasonal and everyday plants, home décor, garden supplies, and the nursery of your dreams.

  1. Greenhouse to Garden

Greenhouse to Garden

Greenhouse to Garden is a team of individuals dedicated to helping the community find their love and passion for plants. If you’re starting out on adding greens to your life, you can consult with their growing specialists for planting advice, landscape design, or whatever concerns you have regarding plants.

They carry a large stock of quality plants and other products related to gardening. From exceptional booms and greens to accessories. They offer direct shipping of their products to your home, too.

  1. Floral Bash

Your favorite local florist, Floral Bash, carries an array of different blooms and greens guaranteed to light up any space. Come visit them to get your stash of colorful and fragrant buds. Talk to their in-house florists for ideas on how to create your own bouquet at home or how to style flowers to make your room cozy.

  1. Valleyview Gardens

Valleyview Gardens

Valleyview Gardens is a family-owned business that has been around for over 50 years. Whether you’re a city dweller needing some nature in your life or you’re a seasoned plant parent, they have the plants and flowers to tickle your fancy.

They have 5 acres of working land with 45,000 square feet of covered greenhouses! Offering a varied selection for you to choose from.

  1. VintageBASH

When styling is your passion, you tend to be near all things beautiful. VintageBASH has made numerous events come to life with flowers and greens. Creatively mixing and matching fresh and dried elements, they turn your dream setting come to life. They have blooms, grasses, and greens available in-store, too. While you’re there, make sure you get ideas from their expert team on how to use these in your home, office, or garden. They may have some tricks to make your lawn look landscaped via DIY.

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