5 Top Premium & Luxury Flower Shops in Toronto (Ontario)

Flowers are one of nature’s most beautiful gifts. A bouquet can brighten people’s days and arrangements can transform any location into a stunning event. Floral design is both a skill and an art.

Toronto’s best makes use of different colors, textures, and a combination of blooms to create stunning arrangements. You’ll know you’ve found talent when a florist can translate your vision into their own design.

We’ve made a list of Toronto’s top premium luxury flower shops. Each one has its own signature style that separates them from the rest. Check them out below and let us know which one speaks to you the most.

Toronto & GTA Area High-End Flower Shops

1. FloralBASH  

FloralBASH is made up of talented florists that specialize in events. They are known for their modern and classy arrangements that clients come back to each time. Whether it’s a bouquet or styling for a special occasion, you can count on their team for wonderful work. You’ll find their signature bouquets in their shop but don’t be shy to have one customized to your liking. Contact them for all your flower needs, they won’t disappoint.

2. Sweetpea’s

They have maintained their status as one of the best-loved shops in Toronto because they constantly deliver client satisfaction in all their pieces. Sweetpea’s is truly one of the most popular florists in town. They cater to any and all occasions taking pride in unique arrangements for each one.

They adhere to eco-friendly practices and source their blooms from reputable farms. Do you want your daily dose of flower power? Their floral subscription service is one you won’t ever need to cancel.

3. Coriander Girl

corianderpremium 5 Top Premium & Luxury Flower Shops in Toronto (Ontario)

You will never see wild flower arrangements as beautiful as those from Coriander Girl. They offer unique garden-style designs that are never alike. These are so unique and so full of character. They have an eye for using different textures, dry and fresh greens, and flowers, as well as combining colors for a stunning arrangement. Events styled by their team look fresh and never dated.

Coriander Girl arrangements are wonderful for any occasion. They also offer a flower subscription service that you can gift to a special someone or enjoy for yourself. Your home will surely thank you for it.

4. VintageBASH

Screen Shot 2021 01 06 at 12.14.51 PM 5 Top Premium & Luxury Flower Shops in Toronto (Ontario)

Having started in the events industry, VintageBASH is experienced in using flowers for styling different functions. They are known for their classy and timeless style and this resonates through their floral designs as well.

They offer original arrangements and are welcome to collaborating with their clients to make their vision come to life.

5. Wild North Flowers

5 Top Premium & Luxury Flower Shops in Toronto (Ontario)

It’s all in the details. That’s what Wild North Flowers arrangements are known for. They incorporate the slightest details that make all the difference in their designs. Their team pairs colors and textures together to create a unique arrangement for their clients.

Their popular dainty vase arrangements and hand-tied bouquets are always a crowd favorite. All their designs are made from scratch and are custom designed.

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