10+ Private Event Planners in Toronto

Planning to host an intimate celebration for the company or exploring having a grand launch of a top-secret new product? Here are 10+ Private Event Planners in Toronto that you can work with hand-in-hand to ideate and execute a memorable event that’s true to the brand and a prestigious event that many would feel FOMO for.

10+ Private Event Planners in Toronto

1. Brand Glow Up

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A go-to for anything corporate marketing activities and events, Brand Glow Up is a full-service marketing agency that helps brands to build awareness and convert to sales. With event planning, they can help you come up with a remarkable event for your brand launch and build anticipation for it. The benefit of working with them for the promotion and actual event — a wholly cohesive and impactful launch for the brand!

2. VintageBASH

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More than a rental company, VintageBASH is also loved for its excellent event design and decor services that would do well with private events. Their experience in the business can help you plan and ensure that all runs smoothly before and on the actual event day. At the same time, they also offer customized props that are exclusive to the brand and align with their promotional objective.

3. WildBash Events

WildBash Events is one of the best private event planners in Toronto that you can tap. More than their superb planning and decorating skills, they are also well-networked and can hook you up with amazing suppliers and vendors to help you on the big day. No need to settle for less because they also specialize in luxurious and sophisticated setups perfect for high-ticket and exclusive launches.

It’s a fine time to embark on the exciting journey of planning your wedding day!

Plan In Love 10+ Private Event Planners in Toronto

Plan In Love impresses with its vast array of wedding planning resources, including elegant planners, customizable templates, and all the essential elements you need for your big day. Each resource features various design styles, ensuring a perfect match with your wedding theme. By joining their community, you’ll gain access to a carefully curated collection of over 500 premium templates, thoughtfully designed with your needs in mind. Say farewell to disorganization and embrace the tranquillity that comes with knowing every detail is expertly managed.

4. Debonair Corporate Events

Rooted in the desire to come up with engaging events online and offline, Debonair Corporate Events also help brands and their clients in planning private events. They worked with exceptional brands and personalities over the years which helped them curate a process that’s fuss-free and efficient for potential clients. At the same time, they also take note of the objectives and ensure to align their strategy to that.

5. Fusion Events

Fusion Gala Event Designers

Fusion Events is a good private event planner that you can consider. They have an amazing track record — from holding large events to smaller intimate ones. At the same time, they can also help with in-person or online events, from ideation to actual production. They deliver more than expectations and ensure to come up with amazing strategies to make the event far more special and unique.

6. Mad bash Events

Another rising event planner in Toronto, Mad Bash Events aces the small-scale event scene with impressive setups and well-executed programs. They extend private event planning and coordination services which suit brands that need extra helping hands for such initiatives. Youthful and bold, they speak to younger and trendier audiences which suits many start-up brands today.

7. Pop Events

pop events group gala toronto

Pop Events is a reputable company in Toronto for anything event-related. They extend services from ideation to fabrication and setup. Besides this, they can also help the brand strategize for intimate marketing launches. In parallel, you can also even check out their experience marketing services which can benefit the brand for a more impactful launch in-store.

8. The Concierge Club

True experts in anything premium, luxurious and prestigious — The Concierge Club handles events for luxury brands and high-ticket products. Their expertise helped them curate a subtle but impactful approach that appeals to the target market without being too pushy. More than corporate events, they also host celebrations such as galas, VIP events and more for their clients.

9. Event 2 Event

Event 2 Event Corporate Event Planning

Event 2 Event boasts of its flexibility and remains one of the best private event planners in Toronto. They worked with various clients over the years and helped each have a successful launch, celebration, or event remarkable event worthy of media attention. With whatever you need, they can help you work your way up and execute an event that’s true to the brand and its objectives.

10. One Fine Day

Although mostly for weddings and other social events, One Fine Day can help you with private event planning. They help their clients come up with a lovely designed setup that meets the expectations of the crowd. This also allows them to curate special setups to maximize touchpoints and encourage the guests to take favourable actions towards the brand.


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