This form is built to save BOTH of us time. Please pay attention to the questions and give us detailed answers or we’ll have to ask these questions again.

  • You will fill out this form, and we will send you a quote within 10 business days.
  • Once you’re ready to proceed, you will fill up a form for the digital contract. We’ll sign the contract, you’ll send the required payments, and done!
  • Requirements to secure your booking: a signed contract / down payment / monthly payment arrangement (if applicable) / credit card on file with a valid ID / security deposit (depending on the item/final amount | this is refundable if the rentals are back on time and NOT damaged).
  • We charge additional for events in urban areas and those that requires a lot of stairs or elevators or a lot of walking to access the location (we need to decor).

Budget Guide: we all have different visions but this may help you determine the right budget for you. Please note that is is only a guide, final pricing will depend on your final order.

  • $3000-$3500: recommended for partial decor or flower
  • $3500-$4000: recommended when you get our pre-made event design (decor, rentals + flowers). Usually recommended for events with less than 100 guests / just the necessary amount of standard floral (e.g. small wedding party flowers, small centrepieces) / very simple wedding design (more decor rentals than flowers)
  • $5000-$7000: recommended for events with larger guest lists that wants simple event design OR events with less than 100 guests – with mix of fancy & standard event design.
  • $8,000 & up: recommended for events with larger guests with fancy design & floral with some additional design (more flexible with decor + floral choices).