If you want to subtly add more romance and nature to your wedding, you might want to consider using garlands. They make a lush statement and can be incorporated into your wedding décor in any which way. You can set them across your arch, hang them from the ceiling, wrap them around your furniture, or use them as table centerpieces for a continuous look. Usually, garlands make use of greenery and flowers but there are also some that make use of fabric, beads, pearls, and other equally charming materials. Regardless of whether you want fresh or artificial garlands, make sure to check out these places that cater to the Toronto area:

1. Afloral.com

Afloral 10+ Places To Rent Greenery Garlands in Toronto
Photo from https://www.afloral.com/collections/silk-wedding-flowers-wedding-garland/products/artificial-smilax-leaf-garland-in-green-v9826sg

Afloral.com sells and rents out stunning floral arrangements, lighting, and décor items to the US and Canada. They have more than 100 pieces under their garland and wreaths section which consist of silk flowers. Their artificial garlands are available at affordable prices and feature lush greenery and flowers.

Site: https://www.afloral.com/

2. Cate & Co Vintage Rentals and Styling

Cate and Co 10+ Places To Rent Greenery Garlands in Toronto
Photo from http://www.cateandcodesigns.com/portfolio

Cate& Co Vintage Rentals and Styling specializes in designing vintage, rustic, and romantic style items and events. They have a wide variety of furniture and décor items that come from the 1800s such as telephones, books, birch arbors, crates, mason jars, chandeliers, furniture, and other decorative items.

Site: http://www.cateandcodesigns.com/

3. Country Lane Floral Design & Vintage Rentals

Country lane 10+ Places To Rent Greenery Garlands in Toronto
Photo from http://www.countrylanevintagerentals.com/doctors-house-wedding-kleinburg-on

Country Lane Floral Design & Vintage Rentals specializes in creating stunning flower arrangements and providing unique high-quality rental items. They believe that your wedding’s uniqueness lies in the small details that give it your own personal touch. Their collection includes twinkle lights, tabletop décor, small prop items, furniture, and arbors.

Site: http://www.countrylanevintagerentals.com/

4. DT Floral & Décor

DT 10+ Places To Rent Greenery Garlands in Toronto
Photo from http://www.dtfloralanddecor.com/wedding-decor-toronto

DT Floral & Décor is a renowned design firm that offers a variety of services including floral arrangements, event styling, and rentals. Their goal is to provide excellent customer service by creating anything their clients can imagine. They specialize in making one-of-a-kind pieces but their previous works are available for rent, as well.

Site: http://www.dtfloralanddecor.com/

5. Fresh Look Design

Fresh Look 1 10+ Places To Rent Greenery Garlands in Toronto
Photo from https://www.facebook.com/FreshLookDesign1/photos/a.10150344569462537.295284.21735242536/10153471717477537/?type=3&theater

Fresh Look Design is located in Kitchener, Ontario and specializes in helping their clients make their weddings or events extra special by providing excellent rental items. Their product catalog includes aisle runners, centerpieces, décor items, lounge furniture, signage, and more. They also offer full-service styling, event planning, and custom floral arrangements.

Site: http://freshlookdesign.ca/

6. Jack in the Box

Jack in the 10+ Places To Rent Greenery Garlands in Toronto
Photo from http://jackinthebox.weddingstar.com/decor/wedding-decorations/wedding-flowers-and-garlands

Jack in the Box is a one-stop shop for all things wedding and party related. They carry tents, tables and chairs, tableware, décor items, and quirky food stalls which are all available for rent or sale. They have a variety of artificial flowers and garlands that are made of paper, fabric, beads, pearls, and more.

Site: http://jackinthebox.weddingstar.com/

7. Laila Décor

Laila 10+ Places To Rent Greenery Garlands in Toronto
Photo from http://www.lailadecor.com/Garlands.html

Laila Décor is driven by a continuously growing amount of knowledge and experience in floral and interior design. They create garlands, corsages, bouquets, mehndi flowers, and boutonnieres for weddings and special events and also have several other décor items available for rent including backdrops and dividers.

Site: http://www.lailadecor.com/

8. Little Wee Prop Shop

Little Wee Prop Shop 1 10+ Places To Rent Greenery Garlands in Toronto
Photo from http://www.littleweepropshop.com/large-props

Little Wee Prop Shop specializes in vintage-style rental items. Their collection consists of small and large décor items, furniture, crates, trunks, and luggage. They also have several statement pieces that work well for shoots and for giving your wedding that extra wow factor.

Site: http://www.littleweepropshop.com/

9. Spoken For Rentals

Spoken for Rentals 1 10+ Places To Rent Greenery Garlands in Toronto
Photo from https://www.facebook.com/914349678623212/photos/a.917415321649981.1073741831.914349678623212/917417058316474/?type=3

Spoken For Rentals offers a variety of rental items that fit well with any kind of wedding. Their team, which consists of design and style junkies, also specializes in creating wonderful pieces that brilliantly combine vivid colors to brighten up any venue. They have a lot of small and large props, their illuminated LOVE installation being the most famous one, that will surely make your wedding all the more memorable

Site: http://www.spokenforrentals.com/

10. Sproule Florist Supply

Sproule e1488338720171 10+ Places To Rent Greenery Garlands in Toronto
Photo from http://www.sproulefloristsupply.ca/product/5386/X791___9__Douglas_Fir_Garland___12_95_ea

Sproule Florist Supply has been supplying retail florists across Canada since 1973. Going straight to them will save you a significant amount of money and they even offer free shipping for orders over $300. They have an extensive selection of garlands which includes moss garlands, tinsel rope garlands, berry garlands, douglas fir garlands, and holly garlands, among many others.

Site: http://www.sproulefloristsupply.ca/

11. Warehouse 84

Warehouse 10+ Places To Rent Greenery Garlands in Toronto
Photo from http://warehouse84.ca/the-vow-project-snuggle-sesh/

Warehouse 84 is a well-known rental company that carries a variety of one-of-a-kind vintage and rustic items such as frames, crates, sofas, tables, luggage, and backdrops. They have a required minimum order amounting to a total of $300, but surely you will have no problem reaching that quota, with all of their charming and lovely pieces.

Site: http://warehouse84.ca/

12. Weddings By Ardenian

Weddings by Ardenian 10+ Places To Rent Greenery Garlands in Toronto
Photo from https://www.weddingsbyardenian.com/graydon-hall-manor-wedding-decor-toronto

Your guests will be left in awe by the stunning floral arrangements of Weddings by Ardenian. They started as a small shop but are now one of the best wedding décor service companies in Canada. They offer fresh and artificial floral pieces, aisle and altar décor, backdrops, linens, vintage vases, and love seats, among many others.

Site: https://www.weddingsbyardenian.com/

13. Vintage Bash

Vintage Garland
Photo from https://www.vintagebash.ca/rental/silk-artificial-flower-garland/

Vintage Bash is a rental boutique that specializes in rustic and vintage style décor items. Their growing collection of lovely, hand-picked items include backdrops, marquee lights, chairs, tabletop accessories, architectural pieces, and small props. The product list on their site is far from complete but you can schedule an appointment with them for a visit to their warehouse in Stouffville or Toronto to see the items in person.

Site: https://www.vintagebash.ca/

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