Huge trees? Yes, HUGE TREES! Trees, real or faux, are amazing accent pieces for entrances to venue halls and ceremonies! From plain greens to vines to pretty pink cherry blossoms, Toronto is home to many event and rental companies that have the perfect leafy greens for your dream wedding. Here are the top 7 places to rent huge trees in Toronto and the GTA.

1. VintageBASH

VintageBASH has everything you need when it comes to wedding rentals, huge trees included! Check out their website to view their large selection of trees for rent.  This is their Dulce Pinky White Cherry Blossom Tree featured in this image.  What makes them unique is their large selection of cherry blossom trees.

3. Toronto Event Rentals

Toronto Event Rentals has an extremely large selection of specialty trees especially for weddings.  Check out their websites “Wedding Flower Tree Rentals” for stunning decorative trees.  Pricing on their cite even includes a variety of features such as set up, delivery and more!

2. Landscape Sculptures

commercial trees 1 7 Places to Rent Huge Trees in Toronto

Landscape Sculptures has one of the largest selection of plants in Toronto.  Whether it is faux or real, for rent or for sale, Landscape Sculptures has everything to meet your needs. Their custom works and designs with silk flowers and plants are perfect for both outdoor and indoor ceremonies.  Check out their website listed above for more details!

4. DT Floral and Decor

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DT Floral and Decor has some of  the largest and most beautiful tree’s and flowers available for rent.  This large cherry blossom tree is just one of many floral trees that they offer for rent.  Love what you see? Check out their website to see more!

5. Filmgreens Toronto

Screen Shot 2019 07 27 at 2.41.22 PM 7 Places to Rent Huge Trees in Toronto

Filmgreens Toronto has a variety of beautifully crafted trees that are ideal for weddings and large scaled events.  Their website showcases a large number of works that they have produced which is perfect to use as a look book for gathering inspiration for your wedding.

6. Event Rent

Screen Shot 2019 07 28 at 11.17.53 AM 7 Places to Rent Huge Trees in Toronto

Event Rent located in North York has absolutely beautiful decor for a multitude of wedding themes and desires! This beautiful 9 foot tall faux cherry blossom tree is available for rent on their website. This beautiful piece will gravitate attention towards it no matter where it is placed.

7. Covers Couture Decor and Floral Design

Screen Shot 2019 07 28 at 11.27.54 AM 7 Places to Rent Huge Trees in Toronto

Covers Couture Decor and Floral Design makes elegant and unique floral arrangements and centrepieces.  Above is this absolutely stunning large tree centrepiece they created for a wedding.  Need a unique twist on tree decor? This large decorative centrepiece is the way to go.

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