10+ Places To Rent Marquee Lighting Letters in Toronto

Marquee letters are perfect for (but not limited to!) vintage and rustic style weddings or special events. They add a lot of fun and personality to your whole look and there’s no limit as to what you want them to show or spell out. You can opt to have your names or initials lighted up or have quirky shapes such as stars, arrows, and hearts pop up where your guests will least expect them. They may be a little pricey, especially if you want to have a custom made design, but try to visit a few of the listed sites below and check out their galleries; no doubt you’ll be falling in love with the idea!

1. VintageBASH

MR MRS Marquee Letter

Huge Marry Me Marquee Letters

Love Marquee Letters Huge

Vintage Bash is a rental boutique that specializes in rustic and vintage style décor items. Their growing collection of lovely, hand-picked items include backdrops, marquee lights, chairs, tabletop accessories, architectural pieces, and small props. The product list on their site is far from complete but you can schedule an appointment with them for a visit to their warehouse in Stouffville or Toronto to see the items in person.

Site: https://www.vintagebash.ca/

2. Ampersand Marquee Letters

Ampersand 10+ Places To Rent Marquee Lighting Letters in Toronto
Photo from http://www.ampersandtoronto.ca/blog/

Ampersand Marquee Letters handcrafts their products using a combination of traditional techniques and modern technology. They carry LOVE, MR & MRS, and letter marquee signs that are 4 ft tall and approximately 2 ft wide per character. Their rates per night are priced at $600 for the LOVE letters, $700 for the Mr & Mrs, and $450 for 2 letters and an ampersand.

Site: http://www.ampersandtoronto.ca/

3. Bird & Bee Vintage Rental Co.

Bird and Bee 10+ Places To Rent Marquee Lighting Letters in Toronto
Photo from https://www.facebook.com/birdandbeevintage/photos/a.842776599104535.1073741829.830840653631463/1114942545221271/?type=3&theater

The Bird & Bee Vintage Rental Co. has a ton of unique, antique and vintage pieces available for rent. They have crates, jars, windows, luggage, small and large décor items, tableware, arbors, and absolutely everything else you will need for your wedding’s final touches. Under their lighting section, you can find ampersand and arrow marquee lighting signs. You can visit The Paris Wincey Mills Co. in Ontario to see a few of their items in person.

Site: http://birdandbeevintage.com/

4. Country Lane Floral Design & Vintage Rentals

Country Lane 1 10+ Places To Rent Marquee Lighting Letters in Toronto
Photo from http://www.countrylanevintagerentals.com/lighting/

Country Lane Floral Design & Vintage Rentals specializes in creating stunning flower arrangements and providing unique high-quality rental items. Their collection includes tabletop accessories, vases, furniture, and small props. They have several lighting pieces which include globe lights, lighted strands, and marquee heart lights available for rent.

Site: http://www.countrylanevintagerentals.com/

5. Fresh Look Design Event & Wedding Specialist

Fresh Look 10+ Places To Rent Marquee Lighting Letters in Toronto
Photo from https://www.facebook.com/FreshLookDesign1/photos/a.10151401696757537.1073741833.21735242536/10153633789202537/?type=3&theater

Fresh Look Design is located in Kitchener, Ontario and specializes in helping their clients make their weddings or events extra special by providing excellent rental items. Their product catalog includes aisle runners, centerpieces, décor items, lounge furniture, signage, and more. They also offer full-service styling, event planning, and custom floral arrangements.

Site: http://freshlookdesign.ca/

6. Little Wee Prop Shop

Little Wee Prop Shop 10+ Places To Rent Marquee Lighting Letters in Toronto
Photo from http://www.littleweepropshop.com/small-details

Little Wee Prop Shop specializes in vintage-style rental items. Their collection consists of small and large décor items, furniture, crates, trunks, and luggage. Unfortunately, they do not carry big marquee letters, but they do have a charming BAR marquee sign that’ll be a great addition to your liquor section. They also have several statement pieces that work well for shoots and for giving your wedding that extra wow factor.

Site: http://www.littleweepropshop.com/

7. Marquee Marc

Marquee Marc 10+ Places To Rent Marquee Lighting Letters in Toronto
Photo from http://www.marquee-marc.com/new-page

Marquee Marc provides handcrafted marquee lighted letters and custom lighted signs and shapes. They carry a complete set of letters, numbers, and common punctuation marks. For something a bit more unique, they also offer a personalized message lightbox similar to the ones used to show movie titles at cinemas. The prices listed on their site include delivery, setup, and tear down. If you want to have the letters hung, additional charges may apply.

Site: http://www.marquee-marc.com/

8. Mashed Events

Mashed Events 2 10+ Places To Rent Marquee Lighting Letters in Toronto
Photo from http://mashedevents.com/marquee-xo/

Mashed Events is one of Ontario’s best rustic and vintage wedding rental companies. They have a LOVE and XO option under their marquee signs that are sized just right to be set on top of your tables or other décor. If you find yourself falling in love with all their items, you might want to check out their wedding decorating packages which include full-service design and decorating.

Site: http://mashedevents.com/

9. Moonrise Letter Lights

Moonrise 10+ Places To Rent Marquee Lighting Letters in Toronto
Photo from http://www.moonriseletterlights.com/gallery/
Moonrise Letter Lights designs and manufactures their own products. They believe in creating custom hand crafted statement pieces that will compliment any event. Or choose from their existing rental signs which include LOVE, BEST DAY, JUST MARRIED, BAR, just to name a few! Or personalize your initials for an extra unique touch on your big day.

Site: http://www.moonriseletterlights.com/

10. Spoken For Rentals

Spoken for Rentals 10+ Places To Rent Marquee Lighting Letters in Toronto
Photo from https://www.facebook.com/914349678623212/photos/a.914388111952702.1073741829.914349678623212/1071280322930146/?type=1&theater

Spoken For Rentals offers a variety of rental items that fit well with any kind of wedding. Their team, which consists of design and style junkies, also specializes in creating wonderful pieces that brilliantly combine vivid colors to brighten up any venue. They have a lot of small and large props, their illuminated LOVE installation being the most famous one, that will surely make your wedding all the more memorable

Site: http://www.spokenforrentals.com/

11. Toronto Marquee Lights

Toronto Marquee Lights 10+ Places To Rent Marquee Lighting Letters in Toronto
Photo from http://torontomarqueelights.com/

Toronto Marquee Lights is always creating a new product to offer their clients. They are one of Toronto’s largest marquee rental companies and carry hundreds of designs such as LOVE letters, vintage letters, custom letters, numbers, hearts, stars, and arrows. Their items are available in different sizes, ranging from 2 to 5 ft in height.

Site: http://torontomarqueelights.com/

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