10+ Places To Rent Rustic Card Box in Toronto

Save your friends and family from carrying around envelopes that, for some reason, just cannot fit well into their pockets and purses by having a designated container (a card box) to hold their well-wishes and monetary gifts. But don’t just get the first random box you see and make sure that your card box will match your wedding’s style. You can easily google where to rent card boxes, but that might limit you to only the ordinary ones. If you’re having a rustic wedding, absolutely anything will work well – birdcages, lanterns, crates, picnic baskets; there’s no limit, really! Check out a few of these wedding and events rental companies’ sites to see those items in action:

1. Beach and Barn

Beach and Barn 10+ Places To Rent Rustic Card Box in Toronto
Photo from http://www.beachandbarn.ca/small-display-gallery

Beach and Barn is a relatively new wedding and event rentals company that carry vintage, rustic, and modern décor items. Although their inventory cannot compete with others in terms of quantity, their items are full of charm and are of high-quality. They have plenty of candy jars, table décor, crates, containers, and small display items for you to choose from.

Site: http://www.beachandbarn.ca/

2. Bird & Bee Vintage Rental Co.

Bird and Bee 1 10+ Places To Rent Rustic Card Box in Toronto
Photo from http://birdandbeevintage.com/gallery/

The Bird & Bee Vintage Rental Co. has a ton of unique, antique and vintage pieces available for rent. They have crates, jars, windows, luggage, small and large décor items, tableware, arbors, and absolutely everything else you will need for your wedding’s final touches. You can visit The Paris Wincey Mills Co. in Ontario to see a few of their items in person.

Site: http://birdandbeevintage.com/

3. Country Lane Floral Design & Vintage Rentals

Country Lane 2 10+ Places To Rent Rustic Card Box in Toronto
Photo from http://www.countrylanevintagerentals.com/card-boxes/

Country Lane Floral Design & Vintage Rentals specializes in creating stunning flower arrangements and providing unique high-quality rental items. Their collection includes tabletop accessories, vases, furniture, and small props. You can choose from different kinds of card boxes such as bird cages, luggage, glass boxes, and picnic baskets.

Site: http://www.countrylanevintagerentals.com/

4. Fresh Look Design Event & Wedding Specialist

Fresh Look 2 10+ Places To Rent Rustic Card Box in Toronto
Photo from https://www.facebook.com/pg/FreshLookDesign1/photos/

Fresh Look Design Event & Wedding Specialist is dedicated to providing high-quality rental items for weddings and special events of any style or theme. Their product catalog includes aisle runners, centerpieces, ceremony and reception décor, furniture, vases, crates, and quirky accessories.

Site: http://freshlookdesign.ca/

5. Life’s Little Blessings

Lifes Little Blessing 10+ Places To Rent Rustic Card Box in Toronto
Photo from http://www.llbmoneyboxes.com/image-gallery.html

Life’s Little Blessings designs and manufactures custom money boxes which double as card boxes. You can have one custom made for your big day or you can choose from their existing designs which include The Taj Majal, The Mosque, Castle, The Diamond, The Pavilion, The Church, Horse and Carriage, The Outdoor Arch Scene, The Wishing Well, and The Traditional Box. We recommend renting the traditional one for your rustic wedding.

Site: http://llbmoneyboxes.com/

6. Marvelle Events

Marvelle 10+ Places To Rent Rustic Card Box in Toronto
Photo from http://www.marvelleevents.com/rentals/img_0153_edited/#main

Marvelle Events is owned by Laura and Dan Forbes, a team of 15 years with a combined 30-year experience in the event industry. The company only started a rental service in 2012 but has since become one of Canada’s renowned firms with a unique selection of over 2,000 items. They have been featured in several wedding news and reviews sites and continue to live up to their title as one of the largest design and décor companies in Ontario that specialize in rustic and vintage-style items. Their full catalog can only be accessed by a password, which you can request by contacting them through their site.

Site: http://marvelleevents.ca/

7. Mashed Events

Mashed Events 3 10+ Places To Rent Rustic Card Box in Toronto
Photo from http://mashedevents.com/rental-collection/card-holders/

Mashed Events is one of Ontario’s best rustic and vintage wedding rental companies. They have a wide variety of one-of-a-kind rustic and vintage items including luggage, lanterns, mailboxes, and bird cages, which can all be used as card boxes. If you find yourself falling in love with all their items, you might want to check out their wedding decorating packages which include full-service design and decorating.

Site: http://mashedevents.com/

8. Southern Charm Vintage Rentals

Southern Charm 1 10+ Places To Rent Rustic Card Box in Toronto
Photo from http://www.southerncharmvintagerentals.com/small-detail-props/

Southern Charm Vintage Rentals is owned by Kathie Barone who is very passionate about making weddings extra special. They have a long list of rustic and vintage items for you to choose from. If you can’t quite imagine how you will be arranging all of their wonderful pieces to achieve a collective look, you can avail of their styling services for that professional perspective.

Site: http://www.southerncharmvintagerentals.com/

9. Vintage Bash

Card Box
Photo from https://www.vintagebash.ca/rental/rustic-ivory-wooden-card-box/

Vintage Bash is a rental boutique that specializes in rustic and vintage style décor items. Their growing collection of lovely, hand-picked items include backdrops, marquee lights, chairs, tabletop accessories, architectural pieces, and small props. The product list on their site is far from complete but you can schedule an appointment with them for a visit to their warehouse in Stouffville or Toronto to see the items in person.

Site: https://www.vintagebash.ca/

10. Vintage Rentals & Events

Vintage Rentals 1 10+ Places To Rent Rustic Card Box in Toronto
Photo from http://vintagerentals.ca/product/vintage-green-bird-cage/

Vintage Rentals & Events offers a wide collection of furniture and accessories for rent. This includes beautiful items perfect for your ceremony space, dinner and reception, dessert table, cocktail area, table centerpieces, and lounge. They handle delivery and pick up of the rental pieces, with set-up and tear-down available for additional charges.

Site: http://vintagerentals.ca/

11. Warehouse 84

Warehouse 1 10+ Places To Rent Rustic Card Box in Toronto
Photo from http://warehouse84.ca/containers-crates-candles/nggallery/page/1

Warehouse 84 is a well-known rental company that carries a variety of one-of-a-kind vintage and rustic items such as frames, crates, sofas, tables, luggage, and backdrops. They have a required minimum order amounting to a total of $300, but surely you will have no problem reaching that quota, with all of their charming and lovely pieces.

Site: http://warehouse84.ca/

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