Hard work deserves to be celebrated. After many years of hustling, this is a life milestone that means a lot to our dear friends to reach the point of retirement. Whatever profession and industry they’ve worked at, show them, love, through a thoughtful present. Here we’ve got 10 shops where you can buy unique retirement gifts in Toronto and the GTA.

We’re not even through the half of 2021 but we’ve already had our share of ups and downs. Don’t let this year gloom up someone’s retirement. Send them a special gift. These stores offer delivery and curbside pickups for a safe and easy transaction. Whether they’re nurses, doctors, health practitioners, police officers, someone in the navy, golfers, or your CEO and mentor retiring, find something below for their perfect present!

  1. Floralbash

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Flowers and sweets can make anyone’s day! If you have a female boss retiring, Floralbash’s products are good ideas for a meaningful token. They have their signature bouquet arrangements but also provide custom designs. Simply contact them for whatever you have in mind. You can personalize the bouquet according to the personality of the recipient. Aside from florals, they also have delicious desserts and gourmet boxes. Choose one or get a combination of both. Top it off with a card and you’re good to go.

  1. Gifts for Every Reason

Gifts for Every Reason

As a family-owned business, Gifts for Every Reason has flourished through time and circumstance because of its efforts to provide one-of-a-kind designs for its clients. With a focus on carrying quality products, you get customized baskets that are well thought of and curated. They have partnered with the best local businesses to give you Canada’s best for all and any occasion. You will definitely find a gift for any character in their inventory. Be it your mom, a male boss, or a former teacher, anyone will be glad to receive something from their collection.

  1. Labour of Love

Labour of Love has almost everything for anyone. From trinkets, jewelry, home goods, greeting cards, and other gifts, it’s your one-stop shop to get what you need. Newly retired individuals have more time to spend at home so gifting them candles or décor will be much appreciated. You can also give them cookbooks or wellness goods. All of these you can find in-store and online. Choose the best for your now-retired boss, friend, or co-worker. Let them feel the love especially now that their hard work is over.

  1. KACE Catering

You may not be able to celebrate the way you used to but you can always do it virtually and still have some fun! KACE Catering is a trusted vendor for special events and they’ve just made their favorite grazing spreads available for people to enjoy at home. They have several grazing boxes to choose from – sweet and savory, dessert, luxury charcuterie, sushi bake, macarons, and more. Make it a retirement party to remember with a fun program and great food. Let’s make it work despite the distance with KACE Catering’s amazing grazing options.

  1. Indigo

Retirement means more time for hobbies and relaxation. For the bookworm or someone who’s always wanted more opportunities to read and explore, Indigo is the place to get them their present. As one of Canada’s leading book retailers, they have over 15 million different titles to choose from. Get them something they’ve always wanted but never had the time to enjoy. Indigo now also carries home, wellness, and fashion items as well. So many options and good ideas in one shop. Best of all, you can find them all over Toronto and the GTA as well as online, too!

  1. Four Seasons at Home

Now that retirement has kicked in means you can gift them something to upgrade their home experience. They’ll be spending more time in their abode and why not give them the present of luxury and relaxation? Four Seasons At Home takes the luxe experience from the Four Seasons Hotels and brings them to you. They have mattresses, linens, duvets, pillows, towels, robes, candles, and accessories. Anyone thing from their collection is a sure winner. Let them look forward to relaxing at home. You know they deserve it.

  1. VintageBASH

Known all around Toronto and the GTA for their amazing styling for special events and weddings, VintageBASH also offers beautiful floral arrangements that are just as stunning. Sometimes a token of remembrance such as a thoughtful bouquet is enough. Personalize it with their favorite blooms and give them a letter. That in itself is a wonderful present for a retiring friend.

  1. Cocktail Emporium

Drinks at bars may not be something we can enjoy now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this milestone. Cocktail Emporium elevates your at-home cocktail experience through its signature ingredients, bar tools, and glassware. Order for your whole group and be your own personal bartenders at home! Your retirement party just got better with all your favorite drinks that you can now prepare on your own.

  1. Zazzle

For your quirky boss, friend, co-worker, parent, or relative, Zazzle has the perfect gifts you can choose from for their retirement. They have retirement shirts, mugs, snow globes, cards – anything you can think of! They have absolutely everything for every profession. For example, they have a prescription retirement card for former pharmacists, an apron for retired doctors, and a hello pension card for newly retirees. For fun gifts that will surely make them smile, go to Zazzle now.

  1. Blue Banana Market

The Blue Banana Market always carries unique finds for all occasions. If you want a one-of-a-kind present for your newly retired comrade, there’s something in their store that will surely tickle your fancy. They carry clothing, games and accessories, home décor, home scents and candles, and so much more. Each one has its own novelty and creative execution. Chances are, you’ll end up buying some pieces for yourself too!


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