5 Best Shops for Retirement Gifts & Flowers (Toronto)

All the years and time spent hustling, we all look forward to days we no longer need to grind. Truth is, retirement is the longest holiday of our lives. Early or not, it deserves to be celebrated, right? If you know someone who’s planning to retire, you might be thinking of what to give them. So let us help you!

For retirement gifts and flowers, we have rounded up the best shops in which you can purchase and send off.

1. FloralBash

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Retirement Gift

Versatility and art combined, FloralBash is the flower shop for you. For retirement gifts and flowers, this well-rounded company could cater to any of your needs. From heavenly flowers to charcuterie boxes, any recipient will feel the recognition they deserve for years of hustling. Also offering gift baskets, you have a variety of options you can choose from. The goodies they offer start at an affordable price, so you can send your warmest thoughts to someone without breaking the bank. Check out their website to know which product suits your recipient!

  • website: www.floralbash.ca
  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave West, Unit 5B, Toronto, Ontario M3K1Z9

2. KACE Catering

KACE Catering charcuterie box

Thinking of a surprise event for your spouse’s retirement? KACE Catering is perfect for that! Have your family and closest friends in this momentous event for added value to the celebration. Offering an all-in-one service, your surprise retirement event as a gift will truly be remarkable. If you’re not so keen on organizing a surprise, let the team of events stylists takeover! This shop also offers a little less grand option such as charcuterie boxes. To know more about their service, click the link to their website below.

3. Yorkville’s


For retirement gifts and flowers that embody eloquence, Yorkville’s has got your back. Any celebration will surely leave a memorable impression when you choose to purchase from this shop. They offer a wide array of gift options ranging from a Brut sparkling wine from Italy, beer crate for true Canadians by heart, sweet and milky chocolate packages, and more! Definitely one of the best gift basket companies in Toronto, you have to check out their website. See for yourself the multitude of gift options they have by clicking the link below.

  • website: www.yorkvilles.ca
  • address: 130 Sparks Avenue, Suite 103, Toronto, ON M2H 2S4

4. Peter and Paul’s Gifts

Peter and Paul's Gifts. Retirement gifts and flowers

Another luxury gift basket company in Toronto is Peter and Paul’s Gifts. You will surely catch a sparkle in your recipient’s eyes by the sight of their gift baskets. You can also add beautiful flower bouquets to the basket of your choice for a more thoughtful gesture. With their wide variety of options, you will surely find the gift perfect for any celebration. Check out their products by visiting their website.

5. Flowers Of The World

Flowers of the World

One thing retirees look forward to and work so hard for is to travel the world. However, with the pandemic, a lot of travel restrictions have been raised – not to mention the hefty price of plane tickets. But what if a floral arrangement can quickly transport you to any part of the world? Sounds fantastic, right? Stare at an arrangement from Flowers of the World and you can definitely picture your dream destination! While waiting on the pandemic to end, you can get lost in your imagination with every floral design they create. So rush on their website now to place confirm a booking!

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