Sensory Bliss: Scents at Weddings (perfume, flowers and more)

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Your wedding is meant to be a moment you will never forget. It should engage all of your senses and create lasting memories. While your eyes take in the beauty around you — whether at the ceremony itself or throughout the whole celebration — and your ears await the words spoken by your partner as they commit to spending eternity with you, don’t neglect the importance of scents. Here are some key elements to consider for your special day that will bring perfumes and fragrances to the forefront of the celebration.


Does a particular perfume hold special meaning for your relationship? Perhaps it was the scent one of you wore when you first met or a gift exchanged between the two of you later on. If so, consider using that fragrance to fill different rooms throughout your special day. If it’s a high-end designer brand, you may be able to find a similar version from Dossier perfume at a fraction of the cost. This brand specializes in creating scents that closely resemble popular designer fragrances. It’s a great option for filling an entire room with scent – something that has become common practice at weddings. Many couples who don’t have a favourite scent choose floral or citrus aromas, but some opt for a unique blend like orange blossom and red roses. Whatever you choose, make sure it holds special meaning for both of you.


If you’ve never experienced a room filled with gardenias and jasmine at a wedding, then you may not understand the true purpose of flowers in such an event. They take part in a wedding in a more meaningful way than just as decorative objects. These delicate blooms have the power to transform a space with their pleasant fragrances, creating a unique atmosphere. When selecting flowers for a wedding, it’s important to choose ones that emit subtle scents so as not to overwhelm the guests. For example, lilies have a potent spicy-sweet scent that can easily fill a room, but some may find it too intense for their liking. By carefully choosing the right flowers, you can create lasting olfactory memories that will be triggered again and again, every time you encounter those same blooms later in life.


The use of incense is a common tradition in many religions. It can bring a significant touch to your wedding ceremony if held in a religious setting. This is because incense holds symbolic meanings. In these contexts, it is used to purify and bless those present inside the sacred space, making it an auspicious way to begin a couple’s married life for those who practice their faith. More importantly, incense also represents spirituality, which holds great importance for two individuals embarking on a lifelong journey together. Additionally, the burning of incense can create a serene and meditative ambiance, perfect for a wedding ceremony.

Candles and Diffusers

Candles can often be found in different rooms during a wedding, adding to the overall atmosphere of the day. For instance, outdoor receptions can be partially lit by large candles, allowing for a romantic and cozy dining experience. Adding scented candles or spraying them with a fragrance from the selection found at Dossier perfume can enhance the ambiance and remind guests of scents they have experienced earlier during the day. In indoor settings, diffusers may be more suitable and should be placed a few hours before guests arrive to allow for optimal scent diffusion inside the reception area and dining room.

A wedding day is supposed to be filled with cherished memories that will stay with you and your loved ones forever. Incorporating fragrances into your celebration will only add to the number of meaningful moments. By choosing scents that hold significance to you, you can personalize the day even more and make them an integral part of creating the perfect event for all involved, particularly for yourself.

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