Go big or go home is still one of the pieces of advice we get in whatever venture we dip our toes into. Though the world seemed to only have things in a specific and realistic size, guerilla marketing sure proved that often, it’s the big and over-the-top setups that count! Let us help you make the statement and be the talk of the town with huge props fabricated specifically for you. We are a Toronto-based custom-made set design and event props fabrication professional who can help you bring your dreams to life.

Custom Made Set Design, Event Decor & Props Fabrication Professional Services Near You

  • On-brand and high-quality: We can help you craft custom-made props and ideate huge set designs or event setups depending on what your requirements and objectives are. Never falling short of expectations and working within the client’s budget, our team is meticulous and particular about handicrafts and wood working projects. We pay attention to the branding and small details so the output is truly custom-made uniquely and can help you achieve your goals.
  • The bigger, the better: Our team can work and craft props from small-scale to beyond-life-size large-scale props. We can help you attract attention and leave a mark to be the talk of the town on social media, commercials, and more. This is definitely great for brand activation, product launches, television or live recording, and many other potential purposes.

Finding this too big for your project? We can work small too! Let us know your requirement and we’d love to whip up something perfect for you. Check out our ala carte services in case there might be something suitable for you.