10 Best Set Designers & Prop Stylists in Toronto

Set designers and prop stylists’ job is more than just creating a visually pleasing space. They can transform a world and revive an era! Especially in print and TV production, their creativity adds tangible value that effectively hooks and instills emotions in the audience. With their talent and skills, your brand and character can be conceived into a marketing and advertising dream!

More importantly, if you’re a startup company – good branding starts with good product positioning. To make that happen, you can ask help from set designers and prop stylists in Toronto.

1. VintageBash

VintageBash is a full-service styling company that can transform any space into anything imaginable! This team of passionate and expert set designers specialize in event styling but has an equal amount of expertise when it comes to styling products and sets. They make sure that you feel closely relevant with the work they’re doing which results in a beyond reproach look! They treat the most intricate details with great value as they believe it will contribute to the message you want to convey to your audience.

2. Glow Staging

Glow Staging, your go-to set designers and prop stylists

Glow Staging is a full-service staging company that has the mastery and passion for building a brand character for their clients. With their belief in the power of design. the smallest details they will improve will result in a boost in sales. They have a combined experience, knowledge, and skill that effectively attract and captivate your audience. Be it a residential home, a real estate property, or a commercial project, they are committed to delivering satisfactory results.

3. Krystin Leigh Smith Prop Stylist + Set Designer

Kristine Leigh Smith specializes in advertising and editorial photo shoots. Her knack for styling beautiful objects will surely give you the return on investment you’ve been wanting. She evokes emotions that the audience would try the product themselves. Taking pride in working with various big projects, you’re surely in good hands. Aside from those, she’s also an interior designer who can help you decorate your space to match your dreams! With the quality of service she offers, she has become one of the top set designers and prop stylists in Toronto.

  • website: www.krystinleighsmith.com

4. GWPROPS Prop Stylist

328d8b 5f14d0629d5c48beb2b7e8b77263aae6~mv2 10 Best Set Designers & Prop Stylists in TorontoGWProps works closely with clients to achieve excellent results. With their cohesive approach in design, this team of set designers has been providing service with countless clients including magazine print. editorial, and advertising brands. They can efficiently combine different elements that are appealing to the audience. They have worked with food products, interior design, still life, and even motion pictures. With their immense experience in the industry, you can surely be assured of top-notch results.

  • website: www.gwprops.com
  • address:  Mechanic Ave, Toronto, ON M6K 2P2, Canada

5. Allana Davey

Alanna Davey is an award-winning set designer who has worked with big brand conglomerates such as Adidas, Eos, Walmart, and more! She has a tremendous amount of creativity that will definitely make your product pop! She draws inspiration from her global travels and passion for beautiful objects. That’s why every project she handles translates the love she has for her craft. Truly one of the set designers in the industry, she doesn’t even need an introduction! Her services include motion, editorial, advertising, and experiential shoots.

6. Lana Malykh – Food Photographer & Stylist

Lana Malykh

Lana Malykh great professionalism focuses on food photography but has the talent and expertise in styling other products as well! She loves to work and play around with her creativity within various industries. Be it commercial or editorial photography – from food, still life, brand photography to restaurant and food menu photography. She can make food appear extra mouthwatering and irresistibly sumptuous! With her knowledge and passion, you can surely expect the best possible solution for your objectives.

7. Fuze Reps

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Fuze Reps treats set designing and prop styling as a canvas to the imagination! This team of set designers loves to have fun and bring out unique character to your brand that will effectively appeal to the market. They offer services for photography, CGI, and motion categories. They can provide you edgy yet approachable design to capture specific demographics. For this reason, this company has curated for countless reputable brands, so you can rest assured that results will of high quality and of utmost effectiveness.

8. Rustica Tabletop

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Rustica Tabletop offers a niche market for food companies and surface industries. Owned by Toronto’s most experienced set designers and prop stylists, they offer rental pieces and photo studio access that are inspired by their travels across the world. With this, you can expect a styling approach that is a non-conformist and an incomparable expression of their passion for design. Their product collection of both vintage and trendy is constantly growing so this is a company that truly needs to be on your go-to list.

9. Objekts Tabletop Props

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Objekts Tabletop offers a top-notch product selection of props and decors catering to both motion and print photoshoots. Be it for editorial, advertising, or still life, this company has one-of-a-kind items that can give a unique statement to basic elements that stylists require. They understand how propping is difficult and with this company’s help, set designers can experience a lesser load on finding the right elements to pull off their vision.

10. P1M


P1M is a forward-thinking management company that provides innovative services for different industries. They specialize in beauty, interior design, fashion styling, and still life. They have a resident team of set designers that can pull off a well-curated output that can surely translate your branding and product position. Aside from that, they also offer services for brand collaborations, social media content creation, production for beauty, fashion, and still life photoshoots, and more!

  • website: www.p1m.ca
  • address:  435 Richmond Street West, PH103, Toronto, ON M5V 0N3, Canada

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